What Makes Summerfuel Oxford Special?

Summerfuel Oxford High Tea

1. Access

Summerfuel Oxford has taken students into the heart of Oxford University since 1984. Our aim is give students as authentic an Oxford experience as possible. All students live and study at Lady Margaret Hall College. Unlike U.S. universities Oxford is divided into 40 residential colleges and Lady Margaret Hall or LMH, has a privileged position next to the River Cherwell and is set in beautiful grounds. It has been our home since 1988. At Summerfuel Oxford you will truly live as an Oxford undergraduate and excel inside and outside the classroom.

2. Teaching / Not School

A key difference with our Oxford program is the style of teaching. Our students benefit from very small group sessions. At Oxford, these are called tutorials. Our classes are supportive, personalized and dynamic environments that afford our students a great level of individual attention. Many seminars such as Art & Architecture are spent in the city of Oxford visiting special points of interest or your writing teacher might take you for lunch at the very place J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the Lord of The Rings "The supervision and tutorial system ensures that students have contact with leading Oxford academics," says Paul Saville, Director of Summerfuel Oxford since 1984. "This hands-on method of learning is at the heart of what makes the summer so special.

3. Our Students

Our students come from over 23 different U.S. states and 17 different countries. They all come together to form a summer community of learning and fun. Our students represent all interests, tastes and backgrounds. They share a common goal and that is to get a true taste of Oxford University life and gain an insight into the history and traditions of the world’s most celebrated university.

4. All work and no play….

When seminars are out we have an entire activity and extracurricular schedule planned. Students can pick and choose from a variety of different options from attending one of our guest lectures at the seminar series to sports, visits, Shakespeare performances, Movie Nights etc. or simply enjoying the city of Oxford and the college with your new friends. In addition we travel to London, Blenheim and beyond on the weekends.

5. Traditions

Idiosyncratic language and traditions are everywhere. The College is your summer residence and the Junior Common Room (JCR) is where you enjoy many group events. Each day “Scouts” will clean and tidy your room and change your linens on a weekly basis. In the afternoon you might wish to enjoy the “sunken garden” or rent a punt and try your hand at “punting.” You will enter and leave the college through the Lodge and be assisted by LMH “porters” on a daily basis. Your seminars might take place in the LMH “coaching room” or even the Talbot “bar”.

5. History, alumni and excellence

Teaching at Oxford, dates back to 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Our program dates back to 1984, which makes it the oldest program for high school students in Oxford. We have hosted over 6,000 students on our Oxford programs over the years. Our alumni have gone on to top universities in the U.S. and abroad and many have returned to Oxford as undergraduates and graduate students.

A Time of Thanks

Summer 2017 will be our 34th summer. Now more than ever the world feels far smaller than it used to, but at the same time we often feel more detached. At times like these, when it appears that divisions may be growing deeper as a reaction to increased globalization, we at Summerfuel are reminded of why it is we do what we do and why our summer programs are more relevant than ever. We bring students, teachers and staff together each summer to form diverse communities so that students can grow both in and outside of the classroom. By bringing people together to create shared experiences our students feel inspired to grow intellectually and socially. We are proud that our summer communities are truly global in both make-up and outlook and our programs are places where every individual is valued. Summer programs can be a powerful pathway for students to get outside of their comfort zone, learn more about the world around them and discover what is most important to them. Our programs don't happen by accident. We choose our program design and locations carefully and our summer communities both here and overseas help contribute to mutual understanding and self-awareness. On program, students often discover that regardless of where they come from, we all have a great deal in common. The exchange of ideas and rigorous debate helps our students to challenge prejudices and realize that there are often different solutions for the same problems and no one person's opinion is more important than the next. So at this time of year, during the Thanksgiving holiday, let us be thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead. We're not going to change the world in a single summer, but hopefully each experience we have can lay the foundation to inspire our futures. Hope to see you this summer. David Evans, President  

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