A Time of Thanks

Summer 2017 will be our 34th summer. Now more than ever the world feels far smaller than it used to, but at the same time we often feel more detached. At times like these, when it appears that divisions may be growing deeper as a reaction to increased globalization, we at Summerfuel are reminded of why it is we do what we do and why our summer programs are more relevant than ever. We bring students, teachers and staff together each summer to form diverse communities so that students can grow both in and outside of the classroom. By bringing people together to create shared experiences our students feel inspired to grow intellectually and socially. We are proud that our summer communities are truly global in both make-up and outlook and our programs are places where every individual is valued. Summer programs can be a powerful pathway for students to get outside of their comfort zone, learn more about the world around them and discover what is most important to them. Our programs don't happen by accident. We choose our program design and locations carefully and our summer communities both here and overseas help contribute to mutual understanding and self-awareness. On program, students often discover that regardless of where they come from, we all have a great deal in common. The exchange of ideas and rigorous debate helps our students to challenge prejudices and realize that there are often different solutions for the same problems and no one person's opinion is more important than the next. So at this time of year, during the Thanksgiving holiday, let us be thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead. We're not going to change the world in a single summer, but hopefully each experience we have can lay the foundation to inspire our futures. Hope to see you this summer. David Evans, President  

Save 15% Before November 15th

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To celebrate the release of our 2017 program details, we are pleased to offer the below discounts.*


15% discount off of 2017 program fees for students who apply with payment in full on or before November 15th, 2016 (one week left!). Please contact the New York office to confirm discount. Standard refund policy applies.*


$500 off 2017 program fees for students who apply for 4-week programs / $400 off 2017 program fees for students who apply for 3-week programs / $300 off 2017 program fees for students who apply for 2-week programs. The Option 2 discounts will be automatically applied to students who complete their application and submit a deposit ($1500) on or before December 15th, 2016, and who do not wish to take advantage of Option 1. Full payment will be due April 1st, 2016. Standard refund policy applies.*


Learn how to apply HERE. Start your application online HERE or download the Paper Student Application. ANY QUESTIONS? Call 1-800-752-2250 / 1-212-796-8340 or email us at info@summerfuel.com.

*Discounts apply to program fees only and do not include supplemental class fees or optional extras.

7 Reasons Oxford is Your Perfect Summer Destination

Oxford is more than just the 'City of Dreaming Spires' and the oldest university in the English-speaking world (but, of course, these attributes are pretty impressive). It is also a vibrant student-centric city, home to some of the best art, the best food, the best parks and the best people in the world. And, we'd know. We've been spending our summers there for the past 30 years. Here's why we think Oxford is the best place to spend a summer:

1. Cornmarket Street

Oxford Blog_Cornmarket Located at the center of downtown Oxford, this pedestrian-only street is the place to find the thing you're looking for in Oxford. Whether you want to grab Oxford University souveneirs, a quick lunch, or stop into Jack Wills for an English inspired outfit, Cornmarket is where you'll be heading. There are also street performers up and down the lane. Keep an eye out for the Bunny Bubble Machine - you'll know it when you see it.

2. Afternoon Tea

Oxford Blog_High Tea You're living in England now, so there's no excuse not to have a spot of tea in the afternoon. Summerfuel Oxford hosts afternoon every day in the student lounge or you can head out for a full service at one of the local tea houses. Even better? Join "Voyages in Afternoon Tea" to learn the history and art of tea drinking.

3. Harry Potter

Oxford Blog_Harry Potter Many of the Harry Potter sets are based on the historic college architecture in Oxford, especially Christ Church. You'll feel like you're wandering Hogwarts or Hogsmeade every turn you take. Be sure to join the Harry Potter tour that Summerfuel Oxford hosts every year to get the full inside scoop.

4. English Sweets  (namely Ben's Cookies, Moo-Moo's Milkshakes and G&D Ice Cream)

Oxford Blog_Sweets Along with other British "favorites" - Fish and chips, mushy peas, meat pies and bangers & mash - don't forget to sample Oxford's finest sweets. We'll take you on a sweets tour twice during your time in Oxford, or you can head out on your own. Beware, lines for Ben's Cookies and Moo-Moo's in the Covered Market routinely snake around the aisles at lunch and can take a while to get through. Also, insiders tip, you can buy cookies at Ben's and then take them to Moo-Moo's and have them mix them into your milkshake. Nom nom.

5. The Covered Market

Oxford Blog_Covered Market Speaking of the Covered Market, this is the place that has a little of everything. Wander through the stalls to grab a snack (ahem, cookies), fresh flowers, fancy tea or a pair of Hunter Wellington boots. Hint, hint: the boots will come in handy during Oxford's occasional English downpours and you wouldn't want to be caught off-guard!

6. Punting

Oxford Blog_Punting On a warm, sunny summer day, there really is nothing lovelier than heading our for an afternoon of punting on the Thames (which runs through Oxford). It can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, but we promise it's fun and an 'only in Oxford' experience. Plus, there's nothing funnier than a friend tumbling in the water after a stuck pole pulls you in. At Lady Margaret Hall, we have our own boat house, so punting is a weekly activity.

7. The Lady Margaret Hall Gardens

Oxford Blog_LMH Gardens Perhaps one of the best kept secrets is how wonderful the LMH gardens are in the summer (12 acres!). They serve as reading nook, croquet lawn, cricket pitch, soccer field, outdoor movie venue and less-than-conventional classroom. Additionally, LMH has basketball and tennis courts, so there's always something to do out-of-doors. Oxford Blog_LMH Gardens 2

For more insider know-how, check out the Summerfuel Oxford summer blog here: CHECK OUT THE BLOG

You can also check out interviews with last summer's students about what makes Oxford so special: WATCH THE INTERVIEWS