Magical Oxford - Camille Reflects

Undoubtedly, Oxford is a magical place. Throw in authentic and exciting academics to discover, new friends from around the world, and passionate teachers and mentors, and you have the makings for a summer that can change your life.

Camille was a part of Summerfuel’s 2017 Pre-College program at Oxford and had an experience that she will carry with her into her bright future:

“I attended Summerfuel’s program at Oxford in 2017  for three weeks, and it really was one of the best times! Here’s a little something about what I’ve been up to since then:

After Oxford, Johns Hopkins University. That’s where I spent the summer a year after my Oxford program with Summerfuel. It’s thanks to Summerfuel’s amazing program and the dedicated teachers that I chose to take a physiology and disease class in an American college after my Medical Science Experience. I still use my drama skills in everyday life, but the play I acted on the stage in Lady Margaret Hall is forever in my repertoire of plays. 

But Oxford wasn’t just academics, it was so much more. I lived in a piece of history for three weeks alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met. Sitting on the field in the back of Lady Margaret Hall, with the beautiful summer weather; that afternoon sun and clouds is a scene I won’t forget and continues to be my phone background. In addition to this beautiful scenery we had the chance to visit London twice and Churchill’s childhood home, which isn’t something you get to do everyday, especially in my case.

I live in Singapore, Southeast Asia, which means I’m away from most of my international friends. The ones I made at Oxford are spread around the globe: Lebanon, UK, France, US. This summer I was lucky enough to meet up with three of those special people and I hope that it was only the beginning of our meetings!

My life after high school is starting to form as I’ve sent out my applications for Med school to the British universities and will soon be doing so for universities in the US. I just recently got an offer to UCL, and I can’t wait to study in this field. One of my floor friends from Oxford is also applying to UCL so I’m sure the people I met at Summerfuel haven’t just disappeared from my life. 

To anyone reading this because they’re hesitating about whether or not they should apply and join a Summerfuel program: it’s truly something everyone should attend, and have the opportunity to enjoy. I know I did!!”

– Camille C., 17, Singapore

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It's Almost 2019!

Happy New Year from Summerfuel!

As 2018 comes to a close, there is so much to reflect on and even more to look forward to. This past year took us around the globe, from New York City and Boston to Northern California, Spain, and England. From programs that have been running for decades to brand new ventures, we learned so many things in 2018.

We learned about Shakespeare’s England at our Pre-College Oxford program, how to create our own business at Stanford’s Social Enterprise program, and how to cook our own gazpacho in Spain. We discovered what kind of leaders we are at the Leadership & Innovation program at Columbia University, explored NYC’s galleries and museums at our inaugural Art Now program, and prepared for the SATs and college applications at our College Admissions Edge programs at Tufts and UC Berkeley.

As does every year, 2018 brought us new friendships from all corners of the world. Students hailed from Spain, Brazil, Russia, Lebanon, France, Turkey, Italy, Canada, England, United Arab Emirates, and across the United States. We got to meet people from all walks of life that we might not have ever encountered otherwise. We value these new friendships around the globe more than anything, and we will cherish them for years to come.

Our first year partnering with Christie’s in New York City to present the Art Now program was a wonderful success. Students got an exclusive inside look at the world of auction houses, private collections, galleries, museums, street art, and more. We are so excited to offer this unique program for a second time in summer 2019. Meanwhile, our longest running program, located at Oxford University, celebrated its 34th summer!

As 2019 is arriving we look forward to introducing two fantastic new programs: MIT Design Lab and Art in Venice, Italy. We look forward to creating even more new friendships around the world, broadening our horizons, encountering new ideas, and continuing to learn. In 2019, we will strive to fuel more summers, connect more people, and always work to be our best.

What are your goals for 2019?

Happy Holidays from Summerfuel!

We would like to wish happy holidays to our Summerfuel family around the world!


Have you finished all of your holiday shopping yet? Still brainstorming what to get for your family? We know we all have that one person in our lives who is impossible to shop for. Yet, we always want to find a meaningful, thoughtful gift to share with our loved ones during the holiday season.

Here at Summerfuel we believe that gifting an experience is far more priceless than a physical object. An experience can change someone’s life, broaden horizons, introduce them to new people, places, and ideas – what an amazing thing to be able to give to someone you love. Gift your teen a Summerfuel summer this holiday season, for the experience of a lifetime.

The holidays are a time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones. Whatever your traditions may be, whether you celebrate where it is warm or cold, whether you throw a big party or enjoy a quiet night at home, here at Summerfuel we hope your holidays are filled with laughter, health, and happiness.