Two Plays, Ice Skating, and a Birthday!

Cyle here, and if you become exhausted by my use of language as you read this post, please kindly blame the wonderful (and outdoor!) performance of The Merchant of Venice I am just returning from. I was fortunate to accompany the Actor’s Workshop class as they attended the Bard’s tale about love, business, prejudice, and the notion of justice. To a person, we’ve all come back delighted and talking about the creative choices that the theatre company made in production, and all of us are impressed by seeing actors perform out in the open in the middle of University Parks. What projection! What expression! What enunciation! (Apologies for the lackluster photograph- I was too taken by the performance!)

At the same time that the Actor’s Workshop class and I were getting to see Antonio and Shylock, a group of students was seeing a performance of The Picture of Dorian Gray that featured a cast of actors who, depending upon the night, were one of two parts, which allows for the play to be performed in four different variations. The students’ reviews of this play were similarly gushing.

Meanwhile, a group of students led by Riley went ice skating at a local rink. There were several students going ice skating for the first time and Riley was impressed by their “can do” spirit!

As if all of that weren’t enough, we all returned to Lady Margaret Hall to celebrate the birthday of twins Grace and Cooper!

We ordered 15 pizzas- and nearly ate them all (while arguing about whether to fold, roll, cut, or bite one’s slice). Ping pong and football were played, cakes were had, and merriment was in the air.


Bonds Deepen and Experiences Broaden for Summerfuel Nice Participants

Bonds among students, teachers, and staff deepen as the Summerfuel Nice program reaches its final, but full, week for the 2019 season.

A Summerfuel weekday trip to Monaco and its Musée océanographique.


The weekend, which ended upon France’s Bastille Day, allowed students the opportunity to slow down and enjoy their adoptive city of Nice together, a welcome change of pace given their typically active weekday schedules. Summerfuelers viewed fireworks before 11 pm check-in the night prior. On the French holiday itself, they shared meals and beach time as a large group.

Despite rain falling unexpectedly the following day, students began their final week feeling refreshed. The positive and joking attitudes of their well-equipped teachers set the standard for the learning and travel ahead.

Students, accompanied by Academic Director, Michel Remy, and French teacher, René, prepare to take on the last week of classes and sight-seeing.


Teachers Nya and René invested classroom time on diverse and novel activities this week, including hosting French karaoke and cheese tasting. The varied teaching tools expose Summerfuelers to a wide range of French cultural symbols and linguistic nuances.

French language teacher, Nya, introduces students to Vanessa Paradis’ song, “La Seine,” from the 2011 animated film, Un monstre à Paris, for an in-class karaoke session.


Students in René’s French course read short newspapers and magazine articles to discuss current events.


Afternoon classes, such as Art History, further encourage students to consider French culture from an academic perspective.

Michel Remy, who is an Emeritus Professor of Art from the University of Nice, engages students in a lecture on French impressionism. Here, he analyzes the painting Un bar aux Folies Bergère (1881-1882) by Édouard Manet.


As in previous weeks, this final week also offers students afternoon trips through which they explore the fantastic Côte d’Azur. Summerfuelers enjoyed the nearby medieval village of Èze and kingdom of Monaco.

A welcome rainy day in Nice brings a certain stillness to the usually bustling city. However, the rain does not impose upon students’ travel to nearby Èze.


The coast at Èze stands behind students, who tour the medieval city on an atypically rainy day.


The medieval village offers historic charm mixed with modern functionality. 2 Summerfuelers pose in a medieval alcove-turned resting area.


The magnificent coastal view at Èze does not cease to amaze.


The Port of Monaco shines brightly, welcoming visiting students and staff with a warm, sunny day.


After having enjoyed lunch, students pose near the center of Monaco.


Summerfuelers take a short hike, at the end of which they can see the Port of Monaco and surrounding area.


A partial view of Monaco’s Princess Palace seen along students’ hike through the kingdom.


Students visit Monaco’s oceanography museum and aquarium.


Students discuss facts on sea life, including the glow-in-the-dark capacities of jellyfish, while at the Musée océanographique de Monaco.


Staff and Summerfuelers encourage one another to make the most of this final week, not rushing through the experience, but slowly taking each day in stride. Further moments to bond await this magnificent group of people before the 2019 Nice cultural program ends.

Throwback Feature–Street Art Night


On Tuesday, July 9th, Summerfuel hosted “Street Art Night” to encourage students’ creativity and expression. This event more specifically involved “Chalk the Walk” and “Paint the Cannon.” Students were given a variety of colored chalks to decorate the walkway leading to and from Carmichael Hall. Their drawings ranged from simple designs and flowers to more intricate depictions of famous characters. Additionally, small canvases and wooden picture frames were provided along with paints and brushes if students wanted more structure to their art.



 In “Paint the Cannon,” a group of students participated in a multi-decade-long tradition of painting a replica of a 24-pound cannon from the USS Constitution set in the middle of the Tufts campus. Students used multi-colored spray paints to decorate the cannon in their summer arcade theme, along with their program names and “Summerfuel.” Our night time activities are a great opportunity for students from all across our programs to meet and bond. Stay tuned to hear about the exciting activities we have coming up this week!