What to Expect for Summer 2018

I hope the winter is going well for you and your family. This coming summer is shaping up to be another exciting one with enrollments coming in strong. There’s a lot going on at Summerfuel in 2018, so I thought I'd give you an update on what to expect. First of all, I wanted to let you know that all of our directors have been chosen and some are returning for their 20th summer or more. We are extremely enthusiastic about our staff. We have a wonderful blend of experienced veterans, plus a talented group of newcomers who will bring new ideas and energy to our various programs. I also wanted to make sure you knew about our two new programs here in the US; Leadership & Innovation at Columbia University and ART NOW! an exciting look inside the contemporary New York art world through an exclusive partnership with Christie's. I hope you feel as much as I do that these new programs will add something different to the world of summer programs. David Evans Summerfuel President

Sir Roger Bannister Visits Summerfuel Oxford

As part of our Oxford experience program we have a highly successful seminar series. The idea is to bring in speakers from outside the immediate academic world of Oxford University to give our students exposure to interesting people who have achieved success in various disciplines. In the past we have had magazine editors, journalists, politicians, actors, social entrepreneurs and the occasional professional athlete. The series is always well attended and the students especially enjoy the question and answer session which follows each visit. In the summer of 2012 , to coincide with Great Britain hosting the Olympic Games and the Olympic torch passing through Oxford, we invited Sir Roger Bannister to visit the program. Sir Roger Bannister was the first man to run a mile in under four minutes and was a revered personality within the sporting world and took his particular place in history.
In the words of Oxford program director Emily Osborne, she was most struck by the fact that "Sir Roger Bannister viewed his professional and academic career as much more notable and important than the athletic feat he is most known for." It is with great sadness that we learned of his recent passing. He was a great ambassador for Oxford and the sport of athletics. We feel privileged to have met him and he will be greatly missed.

What Does It Mean to Learn "Leadership & Innovation"?

We can't think of a better place to improve your Leadership & Innovation skills than at the world-renowned Columbia University. But what exactly will you be learning here? Take a peek at what you can expect to dive into this summer at Columbia: Leadership -Foundation and tools of leadership -Leadership styles and models -Identity and introspection -Management vs. leadership -Effective communication -Teamwork -Public speaking -Storytelling -Leadership case studies -Self-knowledge exercises -Project management platform technology After learning about themselves and different leadership styles, students deliver a TED-style talk on their natural leadership style and a leader who can be a role model on that style. Innovation -Foundations and tools of innovation -Innovation across industries -Disruption and paradigm shifts -Enabling innovation: organizational structures and environments -Leading innovation -Designing innovative solutions -Facilitation skills -Design and Systems thinking -Industry-specific innovation case studies -Collaboration platform technology With a team, students will use design thinking process to create and pitch an innovative solution to a pressing problem in the industry of their choice.