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A Night By Quincy Market

Student Spotlight!

Ruben is in the Augmented Reality course at Nuvu and is currently working on his project with another Summerfuel student, Harrison. They are working on creating a hotel building game where you can build it higher, adding new amenities, and upgrading current levels to increase profits. Figuring out all the mechanics and combining both party ideas has been a little challenging, but they are able to work together to create a great project.

Tonight students spent the evening exploring Quincy Hall, a popular tourist destination filled with a plethora of food stalls that gave everyone a chance to try local and international cuisines. The traditional lobster roll was an especially big hit! Quincy Hall is a lively area, with shops and street performers that entertained the students. We heard rave reviews of the fashion show montage that the boys put on in Urban Outfitters. Although we got caught in a bit of a downpour at the end of the night, it didn’t rain on our parade!