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Are you ready to MINUTE TO WIN IT?!?!?!?!

Student Spotlight!

Lisa is a student that is in the Underwater Soft Robotics class at NuVu. Today Lisa worked on creating models from silicone for her class project. Her and her partner are working on creating a prototype that will clean oil from any body of water. Lisa was interested in this project specifically because a lot of ocean cleaning is focused on trash and plastic and there needs to be some attention to oil as well. Lisa likes in two weeks you are able to brainstorm an idea, create a prototype, and learn many things that can be beneficial for the future. She says that the coaches are very helpful in class to give good suggestions on creating their 3D models and using the fusion 360 software.

Tonight’s activity featured a friendly competition between 3 teams of four in some Minute to Win It challenges. The team with the most points got treated to Insomnia Cookie! Jenna, Anton, Lisa and Mann were the winning group! While some went out to get some ice cream sandwiches a few decided to watch a movie in the lounge!