Art Now

Best Curators in the Best Galleries. We present today!

Today, students presented their final group project in which they shared 10 pieces of art that they would use to form an exhibition in the museum or gallery of their choice. They had to choose pieces around a theme that fit the theme literally or metaphorically. The themes they chose were: Street Art, The Environmentally Conscious Exhibit, The Female Figure and A Brief History of Humankind. They did such an excellent job! It was fascinating to hear their reasoning behind each piece they selected, the venue that best fit their needs for the exhibit and the way they would display each piece of art. Amazing curators!

Afterwards, we headed to Amarone Restaurant. One of our moms’ restaurant who kindly invited us to have lunch there. We had a really nice time there and enjoyed delicious pasta.

Later on, we visited the Museum of Art and Design in Columbus Circle. We had a tour of the museum and ended up creating some art. Some of our students are very inspired by all the art they have been seeing lately and the results are truly visible in their creations.