Art Now

From the auction house to the artist studio.

Today we started off the day with Sarah Buccarelli. She told us about the auction house world and showed us the rooms where the auctions take place. Then, we visited two of the exhibitions that Christie’s has on view for its online auctions: “One Giant Leap: Celebrating Space Exploration 50 Years after Apollo 11” and “First Open/Online”.

After Christie’s, we had lunch at Bryant park while we enjoyed a concert with many of the Broadway singers. Later on we visited the Elizabeth Foundation. The Elizabeth Foundation is a public charity that provides artists with the space and tools they need to create art. It also gives artists the opportunity to interact and collaborate with others in the art field. Students were able to tour three different studios during their visit. Some artists themselves were present and they explained their work to us.

Besides the artists’ studios, the Elizabeth Foundation is also home to the Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. This workshop provides high quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers at all levels. It is designed to be a community printshop. After a tour of the facilities, we had the opportunity to create a collective stone lithography print! It was a laborious process, but really interesting and fun.

We finished the day baking some desserts at Columbia. Students made a chocolate cake and sweet granola. It was delicious!!