Art Now

ICA and a trip to the waterfront

Yesterday was another great day at MIT! After class we visited the Institute of Contemporary Art here in Boston, which gave us beautiful views of the water!

Wednesday Night in the City

After a fun day of classes we headed to Newbury Street for some dinner and shopping. It was another great day at Summerfuel MIT!

Rainy Tuesday in the City

Day two of classes was a lot of fun! After class we all headed to the movies at Boston Common to stay inside out of the rain. We were each able to pick what movie we wanted to see, two favorites were The Lion King and Spiderman.

Session Two: Day One

We’ve had a great breakfast and a great first day of class. After classes we headed downtown to Quincy Market for dinner (and ice cream), some shopping and the chance to see some awesome street performers. Session Two will be a blast! 🙂

Meet your Session 2 Staff!

Program Director: Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m originally from California and have been living in Spain for the past five years.  After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Linguistics and teaching for a few terms in California, I moved to Spain to teach English and that’s where I started working for Summerfuel in Barcelona for the last two summers. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and trying new restaurants.


Assistant Director: Morghan 

Morghan is excited to start her fifth summer, and sixth program with Summerfuel, this being her first time at MIT. She spent the last 3 weeks as the Activities Director at the Stanford program. From a tiny town in the Washington, DC area, when she isn’t teaching elementary school, she loves playing on her county’s kickball team, coaching for Special Olympics, hanging out with her dogs and traveling. Morghan is currently working on her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  

Welcome to Session 2!

All of session two Summerfuelers have arrived to the residence and are getting ready for the first day of classes tomorrow. We started the day playing a few more rounds of Uno (exact rules are still in dispute) and board games in the lounge as we waited for new arrivals.

The heat wave here in Boston gave us a great excuse to have a pizza party at the residence and we spent time getting to know each other – our multicultural group had a lot of fun and laughs comparing customs from our home countries. After it cooled down, the whole group headed out to get a feel for the campus and neighboring Harvard Square.

It wouldn’t be an outing without another stop at session one’s favorite ice cream place, Lizzy’s, for some after-dinner treats. Everyone’s excited to see what NuVu studios has in store for tomorrow!

MIT Insight

After classes today students had the opportunity to go on a MIT tour led by one of the co-founders of NuVu who went to MIT for undergrad, graduate, and his doctoral degree. The insight he had of the history, traditions, and personal stories made the tour more personable and allowed students to see MIT in a different lens than a regular campus tour.

While some students stayed behind for the tour others returned to the residence to enjoy some free time.  Gillian likes to bake and with the help of two others, prepared a variety of delicious cookies to be inclusive to the dietary restrictions of others.

We had a night of improv comedy at ImprovBoston where we laughed together at the crazy antics on stage. Everyone had many things to talk about after the show. For those that were interested in a treat before heading back to the residence, we stopped at Lizzy’s for some ice cream.

Street Art!

Today was our last day at Christie’s education. We had Sergio Pardo Lopez as our guest speaker. He works for the Department of Cultural Affairs in the city of New York and explained to us all about public art.

In the afternoon, we headed to Bushwick to explore some street art. After getting some inspiration from the murals we saw around, we went to a studio where we painted our own graffiti mural. The students had so much fun! We learned how to use the sprays and make thicker or thinner lines. After some practice, we painted our piece of art. We were so proud of it! Everybody wanted to keep it so we came up with the idea of cutting it up in many art pieces. Before we cut it we said that we would cut the piece with the condition of bringing it altogether again one day. This sounds like a reunion will be happening!