Day 10: From Barça to Battló

Today was a very special day for students taking photography class. A staff member coordinated a meet-up with local food blogger @oliviarosebcn who gave the students photo-taking tips. She also explained  how it works to be a food blogger and collaborate with local restaurants. The owner of Suís & Bowls, where the meet-up took place, prepared several dishes from the menu so Olivia and the students could take photos. They photographed four types of lattes, a yogurt bowl, a buddha bowl, hummus, and peanut butter toast. They also got to help Olivia eat all of the food after the interactive photo session was over. The peanut butter toast and buddha bowl were the group’s favorites. Olivia, if you are reading this, thank you so much!!

Of the many things to do and places to see in Barcelona, there are two important B’s: Battló and Barça. Today we sent students to both! After classes wrapped up at 5 pm, we sent a big group to Camp Nou where FC Barcelona plays and a more intimate-sized group to Passeig de Gracia to see Gaudí’s Casa Battló. The Barça group had tickets to enter the Camp Nou experience that begins in a museum which houses the team’s most important trophies. In the museum, you can also see highlight tapes from some of the most memorable games in Barça’s history. Later, the tour led the students into the actual stadium. Students were able to take pictures in front of the “més que un club” letters, see the away team’s locker room, the tunnel where the players walk out, the press room, and more. The tour of Camp Nou finished up in the team store where students had the chance to buy everything from team jersey’s to a sample of the stadium’s grass taken from the field during previous seasons.

Across town on Passeig de Gracia, the other group of students marveled at Gaudí’s mosaic designs and were able to use a smartphone app designed by Casa Battló to learn more about the house and who previously lived there. Before heading back to Sarria, the Battló group also enjoyed some free time on Barcelona’s upscale shopping street where there is no shortage of gelato and coffee shops.

Tonight we are offering Cena en Español, an opportunity to eat dinner with one of the RAs and practice Spanish! This will be a great opportunity for students who want to improve their language skills. P.S. We are sad to report that there were no winners at Rob’s trivia activity last night. This year’s group is tight knit and loves to hang out in the billiards room at night so they opted for a pool tournament over Rob’s trivia. Trivia night will be rescheduled soon. We’re just glad to see them having so much fun!