Day 13: TGI Friday!!

It’s Friday and we’re super excited for the weekend! Since students don’t attend their normal classes on Friday, ESADE organized for the business students to participate in a special coding workshop at CodeWorks while the Spanish students went with their teachers to the Monastery of Pedralbes.

After lunch, a bus picked us up to bring us to the highest point of the city: Tibidabo. Tibidabo is a theme park situated at the top of the mountain overlooking the city. Most students decided to enter the theme park, however Tibidabo has much more to offer than rides. At Tibidabo, there is also a beautiful church that we encourage students to see every year. If you climb (or take the elevator) all the way to the top, there are 360 degree views of the area and they are quite breathtaking. A handful of students opted for the beach instead of Tibidabo. Each year we have at least a small group who LOVES their beach time so we’re glad that RAs Rob and Cristina were able to take them back to Barceloneta beach.

The group is now at the residence getting ready for dinner. Tonight we will be having dinner in the neighborhood of Gracia. The staff members have recommended restaurants and everyone seems excited about an opportunity to get dressed up and have dinner in the city center. Tomorrow we will be heading to the Dalí museum and a beach town called L’Escala. In years past, this Saturday has always been many of the students’ favorite excursion. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype!!