Day 14: Diving into Dalí’s World

Salvador Dalí was a brilliant artist and a somewhat peculiar man. Today we took the students to his museum in Figueres, Cataluña. Unlike many artists, Dalí was alive and well when his museum was being built and he was very much a part of the design process. We like to say that the actual museum is one of his works of art too! Just ask your son/daughter what they thought of the tour. Maybe they’ll mention an optical illusion painting of Abe Lincoln, the dome that was fashioned after a fly’s eye, or Mae West’s face (which doubles as a bedroom). If all of these things sound confusing or bizarre, they should! You need to see the Dalí museum to believe us — it’s magical.

After Dalí, we got back onto the bus for a few hours of beach time. The bus dropped us off in L’Escala where we spent the rest of the day relaxing. What a wonderful Saturday it was.