Day 9: Another day, another neighborhood

The Picasso Museum, shops, restaurants, a beautiful park, picturesque city streets… you can find all of these things in El Born.

Today after morning classes finished, we hopped on the metro to get to El Born, a neighborhood that our students were not yet familiar with. A handful of students chose to spend their activity time touring the Picasso museum while others preferred free time to explore! Right before meeting up to head back to the residence, RAs Lisa and Cristina brought a small group of students to a well-known cinnamon bun bakery in El Born. On any given day, this bakery makes and displays multiple flavors of cinnamon buns in their window, such as peanut butter, oreo, gluten free cinnamon buns, and more. After eating this special treat, the group returned to Sarria. Some students have signed up for activity time in El Born on Wednesday to play lawn games, sun bathe, and picnic in Parc Ciutadella. After getting only a small taste of El Born today, they are excited to go back soon and experience more!

Tonight, RA Rob will be hosting Trivia Night in the residence. Check back tomorrow to find out which individual (or which group) won swag prizes!