A Note from the Program Director

Hi! I’m Amani, this year’s onsite Program Director for Summerfuel Barcelona. The first of the month is almost upon us, which means we finally get to meet our Barcelona Summerfuel students! Our Senior Staff and RAs are preparing for our students’ much anticipated arrival.

Before your students leave, I want to make certain that you have all of the details you need for a successful travel day.

Contact Info: For day of travel, please make certain that both you and your child have the program cellular number handy: +34 674988675

During the program, should you encounter an emergency between the hours of 10pm-8am Barcelona time, our program’s emergency line is +34 674988714. We kindly ask you only this number for serious emergencies.

ARRIVAL DAY: On arrival day, staff will be waiting to meet students at both Josep Tarradellas Barcelona – El Prat Airport (BCN) and the residence, Residencia Universitaria Sarrià.

At the Airport: Staff wearing blue Summerfuel t-shirts will be waiting in both the baggage claim (domestic flights) and just outside the Arrivals area (international flights).  They will check flight status and constantly look for arriving students.  Once students have been meet by staff, they will have a short wait before being transported to the residence.

Driving to Residence:

Residencia Universitaria Sarría is located at c/ Esports 1-7 (at Can Carralleu, exit 9 of Ronda de Dalt) Barcelona, 08017. Students driving or taking a taxi to the program may check in between 10am-5pm.

Arriving by Bus or Train: If you are arriving via bus or train and need assistance, please be in touch directly to confirm pick up details.

Any paperwork not yet submitted (medical form, rules, parent/student agreement) should be uploaded to your MySummerfuel account prior to your travel day.


  • Walk the Walk: We will be doing a great deal of walking, so be sure to have students pack comfy shoes!
  • When in Rome, errr, Barcelona…: Business students are lucky enough to be taking classes in the ESADE Executive Business building this year. This is an excellent opportunity for students to put their best foot forward and get accustomed to what it’s like to study in a semi-professional environment. Students in Barcelona dress quite sharply. While dress is by no means formal (the weather outside is a bit too warm for all that), we encourage students to pack clothing that will make them feel and look good when interacting with the professionals, professors, and locals with whom they’ll be interacting. Students can’t go wrong with “smart casual” attire!
  • Oh the places we’ll go!: The beach, the gym, the pool–unfortunately, we cannot bring towels from the residence to these places. Students are advised to pack a small gym towel and a beach towel, as well as a lightweight bag (preferably one that can be securely closed) to carry all of their excursion needs (sunglasses, magazines, bathing suits, change of clothes, sunscreen, etc.).
  • Studying Literally Pays Off!: Barcelona loves to give discounts to students! Please remember to pack Student ID’s!

Blog: We invite friends and family to follow this blog. We just recently posted introductions from each staff member. Once students arrive, you can check the blog to keep up with students’ daily happenings here in Barcelona. It is also a great place to find the aforementioned packing tips and other important info, so stay tuned.

*Special Note for Parents*

It is very common for students to take a few days to adjust to a new group situation. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d probably agree that unfamiliar surroundings, people, and situations make most of us a bit anxious. To hasten the adjustment, we strongly suggest that you limit your contact with your child during the first few days and that you do your best to remain upbeat and positive about their summer experience.  Don’t be surprised to hear about difficulties making friends or fitting in.  And don’t be surprised if after an initial flood of troubling contacts you hear very little from your child.  Most students call frequently when they have problems but forget to call when all is well. Of course, serious concerns about the program or your child’s adjustment should be communicated directly to Summerfuel staff.  We feel strongly that good communication with Summerfuel parents is one of the best ways to ensure a successful program for our students!

Again, we look forward to a great few weeks with students. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any pressing questions you may have.

All the Best,