Final Day and Celebration

And just like that, three weeks have passed in a flash! Seeing as it was our last full day in Barcelona, we wrapped up classes at ESADE by sharing presentations and taking final exams.

Upon completion of our classes, the ESADE faculty handed out certificates to recognize completion of the summer course, followed by a reception with light bites in the garden outside of our academic building.

Knowing that our students were eager to make one last trip to their favorite, shops, restaurants, cafes, etc, we spent the afternoon in the city center and gave the group the freedom to spend that time in the neighborhood of their choice.

After some hours of free time, we reconvened in the residence to finish packing and get ready for the final dinner. The restaurant across the street opened their terrace to our group and there we enjoyed a delicious dinner and spent the evening recapping our favorite memories and saying goodbyes.

Now we are back in the residence. Some students are getting ready for bed while others are staying up to watch movies or simply enjoy their last few hours chatting with friends. Tomorrow we will make various trips to the airport and train station to ensure everyone’s smooth departures. ‘Til tomorrow! Buenas noches.