Gaudí Part 4

His name is all over Barcelona’s history and all over our blog: Antoni Gaudí. After classes today, a small group of students chose to visit Gaudí’s Casa Battló, the fourth and final destination on our Gaudí tour through Barcelona.

Casa Battló is situated on a popular shopping street in the district of Eixample. It stands out for its quirky façade decorated by colorful mosaics, its bone-like structure, and whimsical roof. It is also a treat for the eyes inside, where students discovered a world that was inspired by marine life and animals. Take a peak at the pictures below to see some of our favorite moments from the Casa Battló tour. You will also notice that students were given an audiovisual guide that helped them to imagine how the house was decorated when it was first built.

While these students got their last dose of Gaudí, the rest of the group was back at the residence playing games, swimming, resting, doing laundry, or enjoying other amenities. We’re looking forward to our last beach day tomorrow and also the last sailing workshop. Goodnight from Barcelona!