Trip to Tossa de Mar

Today we escaped the city to enjoy a day of R&R in Tossa de Mar. As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, Tossa is a popular destination during the summer because of its beautiful beaches, castle, and more.

Upon arrival, RA Matt took a group of students to the castle, which is situated on top of a hill overlooking the beach and town. While exploring inside the castle walls, some students spotted a hidden beach on the other side of the hill. It’s safe to say that finding their way to this hidden beach and taking a swim was one of the highlights of their day.

Meanwhile, in the center of town, other students were shopping, having lunch, and playing soccer in one of the plazas. We also had a few students try out fish pedicures. Towards the end of the day, RA Pedro encouraged students to get ice cream with him. They used this time to practice their Spanish!

We are now back at the residence resting up for another week of classes at ESADE. Anyone else tuning into the Brazil soccer game tonight? We’ll be topping off our fun-filled day by watching the game in the movie theater here at the residence. Goodnight to all.