Homeward Bound

The majority of the students are now in transit, headed home full of memories. We hope they’ll share their stories and pictures from this summer with you! We are confident everyone had an amazing time, because we were lucky to have such a great group of students and staff that made our program a smashing success! The goodbyes today were emotional, the journeys home for most are long, but the experience makes it all worth it. We hope to see everyone again one day! Until the next time, so long Summerfuel Berkeley 2016! What a summer!

Final Banquet and Dance

Do we really have to say goodbye already? It all happened so quickly! Last night we had our final banquet and dance, including awards to the most outstanding students in each class and a special tribute to our RAs. The dinner was delicious, the occasion was special, and everyone enjoyed it. All of our students will be reunited with their loved ones soon, but they’ve added plenty of new friends this summer. Jan

Final Summerfuel Insider

Wow has time flown by!  Heading into our very last week we have a number of fantastic events planned for our students.  We have Karaoke and Quesadillas, Summerfuel Ping Pong Championship, Summerfuel Olympics, and our Final Banquet!  In addition, we have several fantastic afternoon activities that we will be offering for our students.  Have a look at our Summerfuel Insider, Volume 4 to check out the details of our events!

Newletter Week 4

Excursion to Stanford and Palo Alto

Today we went to Stanford to tour the beautiful campus and take in the sunshine. There were lots of options for students, including a campus tour, climbing the Hoover Tower, shopping, and exploring the town of Palo Alto. We drove by the Facebook headquarters along the way, and on campus our students had a chance to play  volleyball (see pics), soccer, wiffle ball, frisbee and other fun games. It’s safe to say it was a great day for all!

Muir Woods-Summerfuel Berkeley

Last Saturday, students had a choice between three different excursions, one of which was a trip to Muir Woods National Monument.  15 students embarked on a relaxing hiking adventure through the gorgeous coast redwood trees that can reach heights of over 250 feet.  After exploring the trails at the park, students also had time to spent in the quaint marina town of Sausalito.  They ate lunch, walked and shopped around, and some even rented bicycles.  Overall, it was very nice and enjoyable day for the whole group.


Final Weekend Friday Night!

It’s hard to believe that time has passed so quickly!  As we enter our last weekend, we are excited to offer several exciting opportunities for our students.  Some of our students will be able to travel into San Francisco to attend a Salsa Festival with dancing and live music.  Other students will be able to bike ride from Fisherman’s Wharf across the Golden Gate bridge!  In addition, students will have the opportunity to see a movie in downtown Berkeley, go bowling in Albany, or play pickup basketball at the Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility!    All of our trips were planned and will be facilitated by our amazing RA staff!  Check out our Weekend Events flyer below for more information!


RA Night Adventures!

This Wednesday, our students spent quality time with their RA groups bonding over dinner and evening adventures in Berkeley and San Francisco!

Fun in the Mission

ra 23


Our suite enjoyed RA night in the Mission District of San Francisco. On our way to eat dinner we stopped to visit an alley full of beautiful murals. We ate delicious Mexican food at a restaurant that May recommended and treated ourselves to dessert at Creme. After dinner we walked to Delores park to admire the San Francisco lights. We love Wednesdays! -RA Fiona

ra 27 RA22