Summerfuel Olympics 2019: Let The Games Begin…

Here we go! The Summerfuel Olympics started at 7:00 pm tonight. Eight teams battled it out for the gold medal. The prizes included an ice cream cake, a pizza party, and a Menchies trip for the entire team.

The ceremony started at North Field with bubble soccer, relays/races, and puzzles/mental challenges. After a short break, everyone headed back to campus for the second half. The teams competed in volleyball, trivia, and Heads Up. Team Red and Silver competed in a dramatic tiebreaker with rock, paper, and scissors.

Drum roll, please… Announcing the winners of the Summerfuel Olympics:

First place: Team Purple – Menchies trip

Second place: Team Green – Pizza party

Third place: Team Red – Ice cream cake

See below for photos of the event! Tomorrow’s event is a talent show. Thursday will be our final RA night, and Friday will be our final dinner.