Independence Day Revelry

Two days ago Summerfuel Boston Students had the chance to learn about US Independence Day, right in a Revolutionary City. After watching a live reenactment in Cambridge Corner, our students participated in cookie decorating activities, a mini fair with face painting and finished it off with a Barbecue and fireworks. Because, in addition to history, the Fourth of July is also about fireworks and festivities! Check out the pictures here!




The Sky Is The Limit

One of the things that we’ve imparted to our students is that ‘the sky is the limit’ in achieving their dreams. With hard work, perseverance, and integrity, a goal can become reality. And, there was no better way to personify this metaphor than by taking our students to Boston’s Skywalk Observatory, where the students could see a 360° panoramic view of the city! Check out the photos here:




Team Building Part 2

In our last post we shared about the bonds that were strengthened through collaboration and team building. Earlier this week, our students again had the chance to do just that, in Summerfuel Boston’s indoor Olympic Games. From bean bag throws, to card house building and zombie runs, students practiced strategizing, utilizing each other’s strengths, and pushing themselves, in order to achieve for their teams! Check out the photos below!





Students Get Lessons in Collaboration and Team Building

As students continue to learn about collaboration and team building inside of the classroom, they’ve had the opportunity to do just that outside of it. From working together to design the best mummy costume, to using creative ways to discover interesting facts about  each other, they are expanding their personal networks, while continuously building social capital. Stay tuned from tonight’s team building exercises!



Students Get an Adrenaline Rush and then Walk the Freedom Trail…

Over the weekend our students took bonding to another level on their adventure to Six Flags New England! With perfect weather and a variety of games, they had the chance to play games, win prizes, and deepen friendships, all while thrill seeking.




The following day, they then expanded their knowledge of US history, walking the Freedom Trail’s historic sites, from City Hall, past the King’s Chapel, to Faneuil Hall. Students learned of great leaders, difficult battles, the impact of slavery and the importance of courage. From the classroom into the world, they are developing the skills and insights needed to make them the best leaders of tomorrow!



Ready, Set, Action…

Students arrived and had a day of exploring Boston and becoming acclimated between Wednesday and today. From a Scavenger hunt around campus, to learning the Harvard area and an ice cream social, bonds and friendships are quickly being made and leadership lessons being learned. Stay tuned for their first team building activity pics….


Arrival to Harvard A Success

Today kicked off the successful beginning of our students’ first day as Summerfuel Leadership and Innovation Boston participants.  Every student was picked up from the airport without issue and arrived at Harvard Law School safely. And, to their credit, they were all in high spirits.  Friendships are forming, anticipation is growing, and our students are excited for what’s sure to be an unforgettable part of their summer.  Stay tuned!


The Leadership and Innovation Residential Support Team

Dr. Catherine Simpson, is the Director for Summerfuel Leadership and Innovation Boston. She is Senior Lecturer at the University of Georgia within the Spanish Department, and she received her Bachelor’s from there as well. She received her Ph.D. From Stonybrook college in Long Island, New York. Dr. Simpson has several years of experience working with students, and is a veteran Summerfuel staff member.  She is excited to meet our incoming class.


Jennifer Edwards, MBA, is the Assistant Director/Dean of Students for Summerfuel Leadership and Innovation, Boston. She received her BA from the University of Texas at Austin, before working for several years in education, international trade and management. She has worked extensively with youth and continues to be involved in educational initiatives. She just completed her MBA at the University of Rochester, and is looking forward to working with our students!


Elizabeth Simoneaux, is a Resident Assistant this summer. She is currently pursuing her BA at Stephen F. Austin State School in Dance and Theatre Education. She has worked with students throughout her college career, as an academic and extracurricular mentor and coach. This is her second year working as an RA with Summerfuel, and she cannot wait to meet our students.


Ryan Mao, is a Resident Assistant for our summer program. He is currently completing his BA in Management, Capital Markets and Finance at Bentley University. He has worked with and mentored youth at his university and is looking forward to a great summer with this year’s students.