we will just say ” see you later”…

Thanks everyone for following the Tufts Summerfuel CAP’s program blog!! We hoped you enjoyed as much as we did these past 2 weeks!!


2016-07-30-PHOTO-00000027 IMG_5867

Summerfuel Games… Here we go!!!

Scavenger hunt!!

Students create teams for a scavenger hunt on Tufts University. Can you decide who is the best team??

Afternoon free time and henna !!!

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Students take part in a Tufts tradition of painting “the cannon “

Like any Tufts University student, summerfuelers take part in a campus tradition where students spray paint a cannon. Look at our students creations!!


2016-07-28-PHOTO-00000004 2016-07-28-PHOTO-00000006 2016-07-28-PHOTO-00000007

Students dress in black for a game of man hunt…




Students get wet with some water balloons!!!!


water balloon toss

IMG_5817 IMG_5823

Students take a tour of Babson College of Business