My Summerfuel Story: Why I Willingly Spent Two Weeks At Math Camp

Truth be told, I was slightly wary of heading up to Massachusetts for the College Admission Preparation program. However, after a warm welcome from the RAs and getting to know the other campers through the orientation games, I realized that my former anxiety was rooted in finally having to face the college admissions process head on. Thankfully, after two weeks of intensive instruction and learning, I am much more prepared for the journey to come.

Even after the first day of instruction, I had already learned countless tips, tricks and shortcuts to help me conquer the SAT. All of the activities under the CAP program, from the SAT/ACT Test Prep and Essay Writing Workshops to College Counseling Sessions, allowed me to gain extensive knowledge into the application process. The courses are taught by professionals in their field: real high school college counselors and real Princeton Review course instructors.

Academia aside, Summerfuel’s schedule includes chunks of downtime for relaxation. During these periods, you could find campers chilling in the common room or outside kicking around a soccer ball. Not to mention, the camp is incredibly diverse. I met students from all over: New York, Michigan, Russia, Bulgaria, and even China. One night, I bonded with a boy from Lebanon over our favorite rap artist. At Summerfuel, simple areas of commonality helped me form great relationships with new and interesting people, despite the differences in our backgrounds.

Some days were highlighted with tours to top colleges in the greater Boston area. The College Counseling sessions taught me how to get the most out of a college tour. When it came time to visit Babson and Boston College, I was able to widely broaden my knowledge of two institutions I plan on applying to come Fall of my senior year.

In short, Summerfuel is for the go-getters: the students who seek opportunity and work hard to see it through. The scheduled activities and excursions, on the most basic level, characterize Summerfuel as your average summer camp. In reality, however, it’s so much more. Summerfuel’s CAP course allowed me to reflect on who I currently am as a student and as a person, and then prompted me to imagine who I want to be during and after college. To be completely honest, I was petrified by the prospects of the admissions process. This camp helped me overcome that anxiety. Summerfuel has equipped me with the tools and the confidence necessary to enter the admissions arena and actively pursue my ideal self. For only two weeks of my summer vacation, it proved to be an invaluable experience.

  • Toby Ilogu, Class of 2019

Take Care & Good Luck!

Thursday was our final night at CAP Tufts. After a day of class, SAT/ACT diagnostics and packing, we had a final celebration. For our celebration, we went bowling and had a fun time with snacks, awards and music!

Today students are en route home and we say “See you later!” because we know this is not the end. Good luck to all our new friends in their future endeavors.


Have a great rest of the summer!

Game Night! =)

After a busy day in class and a visit to Babson College, CAP students were able to enjoy their evening with a game night. What could be better than game night?! We had giant jenga, card games, and a variety of board games. Of course, snacks were included! Best of all, it was a chance for everyone to hang out and relax. With the program coming to a close, there are still some fun activities we need to get to.

Before We Go

Student led tours are awesome because we get to discover more than meets the eye at local colleges in and around Boston. Between yesterday and today, students had the opportunity to tour our home for the summer, Tufts University, as well as Babson College, known for their entrepreneurship.

At Tufts University, everyone had the chance to explore, ask questions and learn more about the history of the university.

At Babson College, students had an information session, a question and answer portion followed by a tour.

College Admissions Workshop

CAP students do spend a lot of time in class, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to compare pet pictures! We love our pets! Check out some pics from tonight’s College Admissions Workshop

A Well Deserved Break

This morning, bright and early, everyone took their second SAT or ACT diagnostic test. We then decided it was time to give our brains a break after an intense week, so we boarded the train and went to Boston. Students were given the option of exploring Boston Common & The Boston Public Garden, some of the oldest parks in the U.S.; shopping on Newbury Street, Boston’s premier shopping street; the Prudential Center, an indoor shopping mall; or returning to the movies to see another film. Although we got caught in a downpour, everyone made the most of the day around Boston with friends and we followed it up with a delicious Chinese dinner. I think the students are getting great at taking the train, even when it is packed like it was this afternoon!

Which college is best for me?

A huge part of the CAP Tufts experience is the students get to visit colleges in the area, hearing about what they have to offer, and seeing if it can be a good fit for them. The students visited Boston College and Emerson College, which provided different college atmospheres. The tours gave a lot of insight into majors, courses, housing, financial aid, and the variety of activities they can get involved in. Students found it helpful hearing from current students of these institutions and can play a big role into which colleges they apply to in the future. Before the end of CAP Tufts, they will get a chance to tour Tufts University and visit Babson College.

Vision Board Party

The students at CAP Tufts spend a lot of time thinking about and preparing for their future, so Resident Assistant Amanda decided to turn that into a fun, artsy activity and lead them through making a vision board! We had a fun evening of crafting our boards and eating s’mores and pizza. We have some creative and artsy students in our group! Now the vision boards are on display in the dorm for all to see!