The Wait – Arrivals Day

Today we kicked off our Tufts Summerfuel 2019 Program and received our first wave of students! Summerfuel Pre-College (PC), Summerfuel College Admissions Edge (CAE), Tufts Summer Research Experience (TSRE), and Tufts College Experience (TCE) made their way to campus today from all over the world. Our staff spent the day in the airport, roaming train stations, and on campus, anxiously waiting to greet the students.

As the traffic of arrivals settled down, the students headed to orientation to get up to speed on how the program works, learn some important rules, and play some icebreaker games! Afterwards, they headed to the Dewick MacPhie dining hall for dinner with new friends. During this meal a Tufts Sustainability Center staff member talked to the students about the campus recycling rules and how important it is to try and reduce waste.

After dinner the students headed back to their dorms to meet with their Resident Advisors, and then it was straight on to our first event of the Summer! The Flavors of the World Mixer is a fun laid back event that combines our two favorite things: making friends and ice cream! Students write down some information about themselves, stick it on the wall in our main lounge, grab their favorite flavor of ice-cream, and mingle with other Summerfuel students. We know some may be tired from a long day of travel, but they won’t want to miss this tasty event!

Tomorrow is our first full day of orientation. Students will get a tour of campus, head to their first classes and experience their first full day of Summerfuel. At night all students will participate in the Greek Cup, the most exciting Olympic style games Tufts campus has ever seen—or at least we think so! Which team will be the Summerfuel champions? Will it be Team Mario, Team Luigi, Team Inky, or Team Blinky?! Check back tomorrow to find out!