Last Chance for a Dance

Yesterday our Tufts Summerfuel staff and students danced the night away with a final dance party. The flashing lights and blaring music drew in an incredible crowd of students. Many of these students had just completed their major program projects and were ready for major stress relief as many prepared to depart today. 

Over the course of their programs, students attended numerous events, such as trips to downtown Boston and karaoke nights, that provided them ample opportunity to meet new students and make lifelong connections. Within the Summerfuel programs, the dance party proved itself to be a popular event in terms of sociability with their new friends. Students enjoyed being able to relax after their final exams and projects, and have the chance to dance the night away in a whirlwind of fun memories that left everyone beaming with joy.

By the time students finished at 10 pm, students tiredly made their way back to their dorms. Physically, they were tired, but emotionally, they felt more connected and ready for more!

As previously mentioned, Summerfuel Tufts coordinates fun activities for the students every evening. Sadly, for our Pre-College and College Admissions Edge Programs, this was their last activity before going back home. We are thankful for all the memories shared and we wish them all the best with their future endeavors as they transition to college-life soon in all corners of the world.