A Student’s Take

Our summer at Tufts has been “fueled” in Dewick MacPhie Dining Hall every day. With a constantly changing menu, the dining hall has healthy choices that can accommodate many types of diets–vegetarian and vegan, gluten free, or nut free. These choices make it easy for students to choose healthy options and ensure a home-away-from-home feel.

Farouk, a student in Carmichael Hall, talked to us about his experiences at Summerfuel Tufts and in the dining hall from the past few days.

Staff: “Let me start out by asking you about the dining around here. What do you think of the dining hall and the food options?

Farouk: “I think it’s great, honestly. There’s such a wide variety of food, and like every day it’s something new. And you know, like, feeding over a hundred kids a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not easy. It’s really good, and especially where I come from, it’s something different and I really like the food here so far.”

Staff: “Okay, so you said especially where you’re coming from. Where is that exactly? How would you compare the food here to where you’re coming from?

Farouk: “Of course. I’m from Switzerland, and the food is more limited there, so we don’t always get as many choices. We sometimes just have one meal for everyone, even if sometimes you have a certain condition, they might not be able to alter the menu and you may just have to stick with that. But definitely here, it seems that if you’re allergic to anything they’ll have an alternative meal for you. It’s really nice and it’s really easy to get to the dining hall. It’s also really great because you see everyone there and it’s not like a tight space. It’s really spread out and a nice environment to eat in.”

Staff: “What did you think about community night last night? Did you enjoy it? ”

Farouk: “No yeah, it was great. I got to learn a lot about my RA, Kevin. He actually showed us this really cool clip of Captain America, the Winter Soldier where he’s in a really small scene. And we were all fascinated by it, and we asked so many questions and bonded over our love of Marvel movies.”

Staff: “Prior to Community Night, had you had a meal with all of your hall-mates?”

Farouk: “Most of them, yeah, because we share the same classes. But some of them I had not spent a lot of time with yet, so it was really cool to finally get to know them and talk to them.”

Staff: “Do you have any other thoughts about your dining experience at Summerfuel Tufts so far?”

Farouk: “I mean, honestly, it’s really great. That’s just the way I would end it. The food quality is also great. Even if maybe they don’t have something you would like, they have something else in case you would want to try something different. When I sit with my friends, there’s a lot of people around, but I can always find space to sit and chat with new people.”