Activities from the Past Few Days @ Tufts


Summerfuel at Tufts University wrapped up its third week with lots of exciting activities! While it is sad to say goodbye to our Leadership for Social Change friends, we were certain that they had a memorable experience.

Thursday night students watched and were a part of a magic and hypnotism show where the self-proclaimed mentalist predicted birthdays, cards, and numbers from the audience. The students claimed that the best part of the show was the hypnotism aspect – as volunteers were dancing, falling asleep, and crying after “seeing” Emma Watson.

Friday, students had the option to partake in sports on the residential quad, like ultimate frisbee and kickball, or a DIY (“Do It Yourself”) night where they made lip scrubs and soaps as a way to promote self-care, especially with exams coming up. The next day, we had a board game and pizza bagel night where students had the opportunity to engage with their peers and the staff.