International Relations goes to the Ted Kennedy Institute

Although students from our International Relations (IR) program were the last we welcomed to Tufts University, they have brought so much fantastic energy to campus! Our IR program consists of students from across the world who have a common vision of bringing about change on an international level. With globalization and migration climbing up the ladder, we have seen a rise in issues that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, the interdisciplinary nature of the IR program at Tufts University allows students to explore different topics spread across different academic fields.

On Saturday  July 27 the Summerfuel Tufts International Relations Program took a trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. Students had a chance to tour the museum and sit in the full scale reproduction of the United States Senate Chamber. During their visit IR students were broken into political parties and performed a senate simulation regarding a U.S. immigration bill. After four break out sessions, students reconvened to vote. While consensus was not necessarily reached, IR students came to a better understanding of the U.S. senate and the nuances of the legislative branch.