Mocha, the chocolate lab @ Tufts

Mocha, the eight year old gentle chocolate lab graced Summerfuel Tufts with her presence this Monday afternoon. Her friendly and approachable demeanor attracted a variety of students from different programs to observe her excel at dog tricks. She sat, shook paws/hands, rolled around, acted dead and even caught a tennis ball in the air! She was a welcome surprise for the students and truly made their day!

Mocha’s performance helped soothe students as they approach their last few weeks at Summerfuel. They enjoyed petting her, rolling around with her and ‘AWWing’ in synchrony to her cuteness. It was fantastic to see all the students surround her, care for her every need (lots of water) and truly showed the power of cute dogs.

We look forward to welcoming Mocha back on campus next year and cannot wait to help our students finish strong!