Throwback Feature–Street Art Night


On Tuesday, July 9th, Summerfuel hosted “Street Art Night” to encourage students’ creativity and expression. This event more specifically involved “Chalk the Walk” and “Paint the Cannon.” Students were given a variety of colored chalks to decorate the walkway leading to and from Carmichael Hall. Their drawings ranged from simple designs and flowers to more intricate depictions of famous characters. Additionally, small canvases and wooden picture frames were provided along with paints and brushes if students wanted more structure to their art.



 In “Paint the Cannon,” a group of students participated in a multi-decade-long tradition of painting a replica of a 24-pound cannon from the USS Constitution set in the middle of the Tufts campus. Students used multi-colored spray paints to decorate the cannon in their summer arcade theme, along with their program names and “Summerfuel.” Our night time activities are a great opportunity for students from all across our programs to meet and bond. Stay tuned to hear about the exciting activities we have coming up this week!