A Message from Director George

Summerfuel Tufts 2019 opened up to students on June 30th.   The halls of Carmichael and Wren were quickly covered with decorations and we welcomed over 155 students from around the world to a very unique summer experience in New England. 

In line with our summer arcade theme, we were honored to have guest appearances by Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Pac Man as we made new friends, connected with faculty and opened up our minds to acquire new knowledge and perspectives.  Together we got involved with campus activities, and were treated to a taste of what college life might be like. 

As the weeks progressed, we welcomed more and more students to the Summerfuel family until by Week 4 we had over 400 Summerfuelers exploring the Tufts campus, Boston and Davis Square. 

The residential quad became our home we we creatively chalked the sidewalk, held friendly competitions towards the Greek Cup, enjoyed an outdoor movie, challenged friends to a kickball game, took a walk on the slack line, or just enjoyed a casual nap in the afternoon. 

We will always cherish the moments that Tufts has provided us and hope they will continue to inspire us to be better community leaders and responsible citizens in our ever-changing world.  Although the seasons change and the summer must come to a close now, the connections that we’ve created and the skills that we’ve gained will be of enormous support as we move forward. 

Keep those ‘gold coin’ treasures in your pocket and level up for your next life adventure! 

Best wishes and safe travels!  Okay?  Got it?  Good.

– GK aka Director George

*Left to Right: Head of House Ryan Maher, Student Hieu & Director George Kinzel