An RA’s Welcome

Welcome to Summerfuel Tufts 2018. It is your typical Boston summer day; it is extremely hot, but all of our Residential Advisors are hydrated and ready to welcome our students for a summer full of fun, activities, excursions, but more importantly, an unforgettable experience.

      Today takes me back to my first day of college. I hopped on a plane and left my hometown of Los Angeles to small-town Northfield, Minnesota. Just like my first day of college, students at Summerfuel have to navigate some of the most exciting, though sometimes nerve-wracking, experiences, like meeting a new roommate, getting a new schedule, deciding what to eat at the student cafeteria and exploring the new town they will call home.

     Here at Summerfuel Tufts, we have a team of Senior Staff and Residential Advisors that not only love working with young people, but also love having the opportunity to assist students through that journey. Whether they meet students from all over the US or the world, our students here at Summerfuel start their experience with the impression that diversity is celebrated and worth sharing ice cream over at our “Flavors of the World” mixer.

     Soon enough, our students will start traveling in cohorts to classes and asking their Residential Advisors about their own college experiences. We will all reminisce on the SAT and all the time we dedicated to that exam.  At Summerfuel Tufts, we are confident that our students will leave our summer program more independent, prepared to take on college courses, and proud to be Global Citizens.

Resident Advisor,

-Richard Aviles

Session 1 Comes to an End

Today marks the end of Session 1 of the Pre-College and College Admissions Edge programs at Tufts University. CAE students as well as students only attending Session 1 of PC are departing today to travel back to their homes around the world. Two weeks have flown by, and students are leaving with new friends, new knowledge, and lots of stories to tell their loved ones back home. We wish all those that are leaving Tufts today a great rest of the summer, and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you do in the future!

Time Is Flying!

Yesterday students had their daily SAT class with the Princeton Review in the morning, and then were off to visit beautiful Boston College in the afternoon, followed by dinner in Davis Square and their essay writing lab. Hard to believe only two days remain!

Birthdays, Bingo, BU & Babson Visits

Week two is off to a great start! Students took their second SAT diagnostic test on Monday to see how they have improved since last week. SAT Classes have been taking place, along with Essay Writing, Crafting Your Resume workshop, Writing Your Application workshop, and more. Students enjoyed visits to Boston University as well as Babson College. Outside of class, students celebrated birthdays at the Summerfuel Birthday Party, played Superhero Bingo, and are heading to a Community Dinner in Davis Square with their RAs tonight.

Questing Away Together: Boda Borg Boston!

     As the students have arrived on campus for the first time, they have had to navigate the social and academic anxieties of COLLEGE: all the new information, where the classes are, how to deal with a roommate, and much more! Even though getting lost is highly likely, students are able to unwind and debrief with multiple excursions that have been planned for the weeks to come. This week, we look forward to going to Boda Borg, Six Flags, and the Red Sox Game!

     Games and amusement parks are all fun and games, but they do not compare to the level of fun and strategy that students will face at Boda Borg. Boda Borg is located in the heart of Boston and is the first one to open in the United States. With this activity, students will have to work together in order to beat levels and win the games. Whether it is crawling on their knees or playing freeze dance, everyone has a special talent that will make them an asset to their teams. Each level requires critical and physical capabilities that are incredibly fun and challenging. The competitiveness in all of us will definitely come out, which will bring us together to problem solve and conquer each level!

First Week of Classes Was a Success!

Our first week of classes here at Tufts College Admissions Edge has been a success! Students have gotten settled into their new home at Harleston Hall, discovered their way through the dining hall for some tasty meals, and dove right in to the learning. SAT Class with the Princeton Review, Essay Writing, and Admissions Workshops, and college-counseling have all been a big part of the schedule, and the students have been doing a fantastic job. Throw in some college campus tours and admissions info sessions at Tufts and UMass Boston, and we have had quite the full week.

In addition to all of the hard work and learning the students have been doing, there has been plenty of fun as well. From Community Dinner in Davis Square with their RA’s, to Summerfuel Olympics, students have been able to let loose and meet lots of new friends.

College Admissions? No Sweat.

With a little help, we’ve got this.

Welcome to Summerfuel Tufts!

Welcome to Summerfuel Tufts! Whether students have arrived via train, plane, bus, or their parent’s car, the students have arrived and are settling into their dorm rooms, exploring the campus, and getting to know their new classmates—and we couldn’t be more excited to have them here! It has been a great start to the program getting to meet parents and students and tell them a little bit about the exciting events to come.

The real fun officially kicks off this evening with our opening events, including some fun outdoor activities, informational floor meetings, and a “Flavors of the World” diversity social mixer. Students are able to share their favorite flavors of ice cream and stories with other students, their RA’s and other staff members. Then, our students will rest up for the first full day of activities and classes tomorrow! We’re so happy that our students have arrived safely and couldn’t be more excited to begin our summer adventure!