Sundays are for Fun at Summerfuel Tufts!

This past Sunday meant lots of different activities for Summerfuel students, while our new International Relations program began their orientation.

Students had the opportunity to visit downtown Boston, and explore all that the city has to offer. Many students chose to go to Newbury Street for a day of shopping, but others opted to stay and explore Quincy Market. Other travel options included Fenway, The New England Aquarium, The Museum of Fine Arts, and walking the Freedom Trail.

Your Tufts RA’s chose to visit Modern Pastry for cannoli and tiramisu, trying anything to beat the heat.

The weather did not slow us down! And the residents had a memorable day in Boston. After they returned from the trip, the evening offered a program-wide birthday party for anyone who will be celebrating a birthday throughout the week or month.


Tufts Summerfuel Banner 2019!

Every year for registrations our students check in, receive their key card, lanyard, program materials – including some epic swag. While they go table by table picking up all the previously mentioned items, we always have a table with a banner where they can sign their names.

Today we can proudly say that the banner has been completed and the featured picture reflects our 350+ students that have attended a Tufts Summerfuel program this Summer 2019!  

We have had a blast  with all the students coming in through the various programs. It has been wonderful seeing these future college students step into a season of seeing what college life is like, learning about new things, developing their skills, and creating friendships that will last for many years to come. We are excited to see what the rest of the Summer holds and to share more about what our students are experiencing! Stay tuned for more…

Activities from the Past Few Days @ Tufts


Summerfuel at Tufts University wrapped up its third week with lots of exciting activities! While it is sad to say goodbye to our Leadership for Social Change friends, we were certain that they had a memorable experience.

Thursday night students watched and were a part of a magic and hypnotism show where the self-proclaimed mentalist predicted birthdays, cards, and numbers from the audience. The students claimed that the best part of the show was the hypnotism aspect – as volunteers were dancing, falling asleep, and crying after “seeing” Emma Watson.

Friday, students had the option to partake in sports on the residential quad, like ultimate frisbee and kickball, or a DIY (“Do It Yourself”) night where they made lip scrubs and soaps as a way to promote self-care, especially with exams coming up. The next day, we had a board game and pizza bagel night where students had the opportunity to engage with their peers and the staff.



Summerfuel or Summerfun? @ Tufts University

Summerfuel @ Tufts University is getting ready to enter its FOURTH week! The students and staff have formed many happy memories over this summer through a variety of activities from college tours to tug- of- war matches. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching our students grow and form bonds that will live on after this summer has ended. We are so thrilled to share these pictures with you as they are a collection of the memories that have been made here thus far at Summerfuel.


Move-In and Orientation for New Programs!

This past Sunday, Summerfuel at Tufts University welcomed many new students! We have just started our Engineering Design Lab and Program and Application Design programs this week as well as welcoming a new batch of Pre College and College Admissions Experience students. On top of the usual, like giving students the rundown of the Dewick-Macphie Dining Center, new students participated in various activities to keep them engaged.

Their Resident Assistants (RA’s) led them in icebreaker activities, and later they attended the Smoothie Social. It was an excellent event for getting to know the students that they would be living, learning, and hanging out with for the next few weeks.

Monday was a continuation of Sunday’s orientation, with an informational skit and presentation by our staff. Students were also given a tour of the Tufts University campus, so they are comfortable navigating it during their Summerfuel experience.

Finally, students competed in a live game show night, where they played Family Feud, Jeopardy! and other games, for a chance to win some t-shirts.

Throwback Feature–Street Art Night


On Tuesday, July 9th, Summerfuel hosted “Street Art Night” to encourage students’ creativity and expression. This event more specifically involved “Chalk the Walk” and “Paint the Cannon.” Students were given a variety of colored chalks to decorate the walkway leading to and from Carmichael Hall. Their drawings ranged from simple designs and flowers to more intricate depictions of famous characters. Additionally, small canvases and wooden picture frames were provided along with paints and brushes if students wanted more structure to their art.



 In “Paint the Cannon,” a group of students participated in a multi-decade-long tradition of painting a replica of a 24-pound cannon from the USS Constitution set in the middle of the Tufts campus. Students used multi-colored spray paints to decorate the cannon in their summer arcade theme, along with their program names and “Summerfuel.” Our night time activities are a great opportunity for students from all across our programs to meet and bond. Stay tuned to hear about the exciting activities we have coming up this week!


The RA Perspective – Part 2

Public Speaking Workshop students emcee the Showcase.


As previously mentioned by my colleague in The RA Perspective – Part 1, Summerfuel Resident Assistants play many different roles in our students’ experience. In addition to lockouts, excursions, floor events and check-ins, we also provide the opportunity to develop (or gain!) new skills through Workshops.

Our Pre-College Program offered an array of different workshops this session, from Public Speaking, to Fitness, American History in Boston, and Culture and Cuisine. I am teaching the Theatre Workshop this summer, and I have just said goodbye to my students from the Pre-College Session 1.

I will admit, I was nervous to lead a theatre course with only two students – it was different to the numbers I was used to, and I didn’t want them to feel limited by the small class size. I led a few different exercises with my students; first, we talked about the importance of body language, and watched a few monologues from movies like The Princess Diaries and The Addams Family Values.

Noah’s Monologue from The Notebook at the Theatre Workshop Showcase.


My two students had quite varied backgrounds; one was from NYC and an avid theatre-goer, and the other had not been in a production since primary school. This meant that I had to tailor my workshop to two very different types of students, and using monologues from well-known movies were easy to analyze and draw inspiration from.

In the end, having two students was a blessing because they each received a very personalized Theatre Workshop, and at the same time supported each other beautifully. Their five rehearsals culminated in a showcase, with each student performing a monologue, as well as one scene together. The showcase was performed alongside the Dance Workshop, Public Speaking and Photography students.

– RA Dannie

Summerfuel Creates Superheros

Every great Superhero comes with a great backstory. Here at Summerfuel, all of our students experience the origin story of their inner hero. Students at Summerfuel Tufts face many things that help them prepare for the future when they leave the University and embark on their college journey. They are given many tests to prove their strength as a Summerfuel Superhero throughout their time here. They learn many new skills as they face obstacles,  conquer villains, and form bonds with other hero’s that will last a lifetime

Test One: Move In Day

On the first day, our students are thrown into a new world. They meet people from all over the world and  experience many culture shocks from either being in a new country, or speaking to others that have traveled great lengths to get here. Communication and social skills are tested as they interact with not only other students, but their families, RA’s, and Senior Staff Members. They are encouraged to talk about themselves and participate during orientation activities that help them get to know each other. During this time, they are able to share stories, experiences, and past times.

Test Two: Time Management

As students are faced with schedules that may change day to day, they are tested on their time management skills. When is homework time? When do I hangout with friends? Should I wake up early before class to eat breakfast? Should I go to evening activities if I have a test tomorrow morning? These are all common questions that our heroes-in-training ask themselves. When faced with a lot of different responsibilities and tasks, it can be hard to figure out when is the right time to engage in different activities. These skills are self taught and are strengthened as the students get used to their schedules and what works best for them. Every hero is different and what works for one student, might not work for another.

Test Three: Exams

This is the part of the story where each hero has to overcome their first villain: exams. Exams can be tough for most students and are prepared for in many different ways. Some students like to study in groups by exchanging information in the common spaces, while others prefer to work alone in their room with a laptop and a set of flashcards. The most important part when facing your villain is to figure out the plan that works best for you and to take charge of it to the conquer the beast.

Test Four: Activities

Our afternoon and evening activities are great places for each hero to show and practice their powers. Some superpowers that we see being shown during these are artistic, singing, dancing, and even trivia skills. Creativity is important and we try to give every hero the opportunity to showcase and practice their power!! Successful Summerfuel Heroes are able to learn from others and use ideas to improve their own powers.

Test Five: Goodbyes 🙁

Goodbyes are our least favorite part here at Summerfuel, but it is an important part of the hero making process. Reflecting on the good times we’ve had over the summer helps all the students appreciate their time with each other and realize how much they have grown. At this point, our students have all become heroes and are recognized for their achievements at our closing banquets. They are asked to give speeches where they speak on their time at the program and about the things they learned and the people they have met along the way.

Saying goodbye can be hard, but it takes a lot of strength and courage to say “I’ll see you later” instead. All of our heroes are continuing their journeys of saving the world and being strong members of society. We are sure that some of their paths will collide and that they will work together to continue the Summerfuel Superhero Legacy!