Dynamic Learning with College Admissions Edge

We know preparing to apply for college takes a lot of work, which is what Summerfuel’s College Admissions Edge programs are here to help with. In addition to test prep, take a closer look at some of the important things you will learn at CAE Tufts or CAE Berkeley:

Essay Writing
Every CAE Essay Writing course is designed to help students reflect on their lives and realize that within their experiences they have plenty of material to craft an excellent admissions essay or personal statement. The writing curriculum is intended to help each student become a stronger, more confident writer. During sixteen hours of instruction and further time dedicated to out of class follow up, students will formulate a thesis, and learn to craft it into a concise and engaging personal statement. CAE faculty listen to students brainstorm and inspire them to take their story and sculpt it into a compelling narrative.

One-on-One College Counseling
Prior to the program, parents will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their child’s interests and strengths, and their own desires for their son or daughter.  Once on site, college counselors will schedule one-on-one counseling sessions with each student in order to map out a clear and realistic plan to approach the college admissions process.  College counselors will consider family input, student input, student academic performance, student extracurricular strengths and evidence of standardized test scores to appropriately advise each student.

Admissions Workshop
Together with college admissions experts, Summerfuel has crafted a unique admissions workshop curriculum designed to provide students with information about every aspect of the admissions process.  Students will participate in eight collaborative, interactive admissions workshops led by the college counseling team, with topics such as “Assembling Your Application,” “How To Visit a College,” and “Defining Goals & Dreams”.  The workshop setting provides a positive group environment where questions are welcomed and encouraged as students begin their independent work.

S’mores, and Studying, and Crafts, Oh My!

It’s no secret that Summerfuel College Admissions Prep students are dedicated to their studies. They spend hours and hours each day preparing for the college admissions process. Whether they’re working on essays, peer reviewing, learning techniques to master the tests in class, or meeting one-on-one with their college counselors, this year’s CAP students have thoroughly impressed RAs, senior staff, counselors, and teachers alike. Not only have they been able to keep up with their large work/class-loads, but they’ve also been able to have fun social lives and explore all that Berkeley has to offer. They’ve seemingly mastered skills in time-management and maintaining balance in their academic and social lives. We’re all very proud here at Summerfuel CAP Berkeley.

From an activity’s perspective, this week has been filled with karaoke, just dance, Minute to Win It challenges, build-your-own s’mores burritos/studying, and even mason jar painting! Take a look at some of this week’s activities that Summerfuel students have taken part in.


Just Dance, Karaoke, Smoothies, and Minute to Win It Night:

IMG_3783 IMG_3800 IMG_2743 IMG_2959 IMG_5000 IMG_0844 IMG_7508 IMG_0846 IMG_7732IMG_3777


Mason Jar Decorating:

IMG_0298 IMG_2412 IMG_8612 IMG_7770 IMG_7817



Build-Your-Own S’mores Burrito Bar and Essay Writing Lab:

IMG_3893 IMG_2772 IMG_2618 IMG_3789 IMG_5632 IMG_3865 IMG_9091 IMG_8962

Adventures in Berkeley!



Our last college visit of the CAP program was to the University of San Francisco, a mid-sized school with about 7,000 undergrads and an impressive 14:1 teacher-student ratio. A large part of USF campus is located on a hilltop with stunning views of San Francisco. USF offers a wide range of majors, so there’s something for everyone, but the most popular majors include nursing, business, finance, communications, and psychology.

IMG_3690 IMG_3810 IMG_3855 IMG_0603 IMG_1668 IMG_5085 IMG_2799 IMG_8317




We arrived to campus a bit earlier than scheduled, so some students decided to keep busy in the best way they could think of: a quick dance party on the steps!

IMG_3741 IMG_3756

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.38.00 PM Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.36.59 PM Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.37.43 PM

San Fran-tastic Adventures in the City

After mornings filled with academics, we took some time on both Saturday and Sunday to explore the beautiful city of San Francisco.

On Saturday, our first stop was to the Coast Guard Station to get some incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge. After four long years of construction, 11 deaths of construction workers, and $35 million dollars spent, the bridge was finally opened in 1937. We spent about 30 minutes admiring the bright orange bridge, taking full advantage of the awesome photo opportunity.

IMG_3814 IMG_3818 IMG_6372 IMG_3817 IMG_7807 IMG_3461 IMG_9008 IMG_0380 IMG_0070 IMG_1823 IMG_2795 IMG_3819 IMG_3820

Our next stop was to the California Academy of Sciences, where students had the opportunity to visit exhibits such as the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, to learn about the rock and roll era of the 1950s, an aquarium complete with penguins, Japanese gardens, a planetarium, play basketball, and so much more! We ended the day at Union Square, located in the heart of San Francisco, for dinner and shopping.

IMG_3816 IMG_2776 IMG_8155 IMG_3813 IMG_3815

On Sunday we traveled by BART train to Fisherman’s Wharf. One of the most famous tourist attractions in San Francisco, it became popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s as a popular seaport for lumber, fish, and immigrants. The students had fun shopping and walking around the pier, seeing the sights of the boats that are harbored there as well as a population of sea lions! They also indulged in ice cream and In-N-Out burger, a West Coast fast food staple.


IMG_3570 IMG_3573 IMG_3575IMG_3574IMG_3833IMG_3834 IMG_4130


Banana Slugs and Boardwalks

Today we took a break from some of their classes and workshops to visit the beautiful city of Santa Cruz. Our first stop was at UC Santa Cruz where the students were given a comprehensive tour of the campus while learning about the courses and resources offered there. UC Santa Cruz is not only home to around 17,000 undergraduate students but also one of the most unique college mascots, the banana slug! When the tour was completed, we made our way down to the boardwalk by the beach where the students received passes to go on unlimited rides for free!  Some students even tried their hand at some of the games the boardwalk had to offer.  Stay tuned for more updates on fun excursions into the Bay Area!IMG_2205 IMG_2060 IMG_2296 IMG_2741 IMG_2687 IMG_2775 IMG_2721 IMG_2768

The Big C

The students went on a beautiful hike up to “The Big C” to enjoy views of the whole city of Berkeley and across the bay into San Francisco.  A popular tradition among Cal students is to go on the swing at the peak of the hike or simply relax on lawn chairs up there and study.  IMG_0882 IMG_1407 2 IMG_3954 IMG_1181 IMG_3266

CAP Students visit Stanford and Santa Clara

After spending the morning writing essays, CAP students headed off to spend the afternoon touring colleges. Our first stop was Stanford, where bicycles are the most popular way of getting around the beautiful, prestigious campus. We learned about student life, academics, and got the chance to ask questions to a current Stanford student.

IMG_0710 IMG_4511 IMG_1722 2 IMG_1945 IMG_2095 IMG_2616 IMG_2617 IMG_2619 IMG_8922

Our next stop of the day was to Santa Clara University, a smaller campus with about 5,500 students. Though it’s a Jesuit school, it welcomes people of all faiths and religion does not have to play a role in your experience at Santa Clara. Santa Clara offers great study abroad programs and many students take advantage of them, as financial aid and scholarships follow students abroad!


IMG_1097 IMG_2615 IMG_2618 IMG_5173 IMG_9602 IMG_5824

Goodbye Columbia!

IMG_0672 IMG_0669 IMG_0668

Last night students said goodbye to one another at our farewell meeting. Fortunately, there were Insomnia cookies for us to cope with the sadness of departure. We were truly glad to have such a great crew of students this session and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!