Jeopardy! at Summerfuel Tufts

Yesterday, the students at Summerfuel Tufts students participated in a game of Jeopardy!

All of the students had a chance to show off their trivia knowledge in categories like Geography, US History, Sports and Pop Culture, Summerfuel Trivia, Video Games, and Colleges/Universities. They were split into five teams: Potato Head, Watermelon, Puffin, Crab and Reindeer.

Union Square and the Westfield Mall

Yesterday, students went again to San Francisco where they enjoyed a sunny day in downtown at Union Square and The Westfield Mall. Students were able to shop, go to China Town, and enjoy live performances in the square!


A Day of Sportsmanship

On Friday, July 26th, students took to the Residential Quad to prove their might against their friends in a game of kickball. The teams were divided in a manner that allowed people from different programs and halls to intermingle with one another. For some students, this was their first moment returning to the kickball field since their glory days in elementary school, while others had never heard of the game and were introduced to this classic American childhood game. Each team fought to be the champions, but only one team came out on top (congratulations to Team Justin).

Slowly, adventurous students splintered off into playing other games as well; the quad was filled with students competing in soccer, walking a slackline, and playing kickball. Gentle music filled the air, and everyone felt an ambience of relaxation and joy.

San Francisco

Yesterday, students went to San Francisco! They were able to see Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, as well as Ghirardelli Square and China Town. Students also enjoyed ice cream at Dreyer’s, the seals on the bay, a scary dungeon tour, and the famous In and Out Burgers. Check out the photos!



International Relations goes to the Ted Kennedy Institute

Although students from our International Relations (IR) program were the last we welcomed to Tufts University, they have brought so much fantastic energy to campus! Our IR program consists of students from across the world who have a common vision of bringing about change on an international level. With globalization and migration climbing up the ladder, we have seen a rise in issues that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, the interdisciplinary nature of the IR program at Tufts University allows students to explore different topics spread across different academic fields.

On Saturday  July 27 the Summerfuel Tufts International Relations Program took a trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. Students had a chance to tour the museum and sit in the full scale reproduction of the United States Senate Chamber. During their visit IR students were broken into political parties and performed a senate simulation regarding a U.S. immigration bill. After four break out sessions, students reconvened to vote. While consensus was not necessarily reached, IR students came to a better understanding of the U.S. senate and the nuances of the legislative branch.


Downtime before the Second Diagnostic Test

Yesterday, students enjoyed games and a trip to the cinema in order to relax before the big day–their second SAT Diagnostic Test. This weekend, we will be taking trips to San Francisco! Stay tuned for those photos.


Last Chance for a Dance

Yesterday our Tufts Summerfuel staff and students danced the night away with a final dance party. The flashing lights and blaring music drew in an incredible crowd of students. Many of these students had just completed their major program projects and were ready for major stress relief as many prepared to depart today. 

Over the course of their programs, students attended numerous events, such as trips to downtown Boston and karaoke nights, that provided them ample opportunity to meet new students and make lifelong connections. Within the Summerfuel programs, the dance party proved itself to be a popular event in terms of sociability with their new friends. Students enjoyed being able to relax after their final exams and projects, and have the chance to dance the night away in a whirlwind of fun memories that left everyone beaming with joy.

By the time students finished at 10 pm, students tiredly made their way back to their dorms. Physically, they were tired, but emotionally, they felt more connected and ready for more!

As previously mentioned, Summerfuel Tufts coordinates fun activities for the students every evening. Sadly, for our Pre-College and College Admissions Edge Programs, this was their last activity before going back home. We are thankful for all the memories shared and we wish them all the best with their future endeavors as they transition to college-life soon in all corners of the world.


That’s a Wrap!

That is a wrap for College Admissions Edge, Session 2! It has been a busy week! Students took their final two SAT diagnostic tests, finished their personal statement essays, and reviewed more of the college admissions process. Students also were able to visit Fordham University in the Bronx! On their last night, students received superlatives and enjoyed an Italian meal together.

Thanks for making CAP 2 a wonderful experience!