Art Now

FLAG Art Foundation, Chelsea Gallery Crawl

In class at Christie’s Education today, students learned about art and the law. This was at least a somewhat new topic for most of the students so there was definitely lots of learning happening!

After class, we headed to the FLAG Art Foundation in Chelsea where we viewed a variety of pieces of contemporary art in their loft space. (We got there just in time, too, as a thunderstorm rolled in minutes after we arrived!) One of the more popular installations at the FLAG Art Foundation is called Pink Project by Portia Munson. The room is completely decorated in discarded, pink objects.

Next, we took advantage of our time in Chelsea to do some gallery-hopping. Because there are so many galleries in Chelsea in such a small area, we were able to dodge most of the raindrops. All the galleries students visited were showing contemporary art, and some pieces even started a debate among students!


To round out the evening, we made the short trip to SoHo for some dinner and free time. Mother Nature was on our side again as it was dry until just before we left!

We’re getting close to the end of the program! Tomorrow is the presentation of collections, Museum of the Moving Image, Noguchi Museum, and Socrates Sculpture Park. Stay tuned.



Met, Guggenheim, Central Park!

Today in class students learned about art and valuation from guest speaker and Christie’s Education alumna, Marisa. Then, students took some time to work on their collections. It will be exciting to see what they come up with for Thursday!

After lunch, students had a guided tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (“the Met”)–one of NYC’s most famous museums! Then, they had some free time to explore on their own. It is easy to get lost in such a huge museum, but students were able to successfully nagivate their way through to their favorite pieces. Even though it was a very warm day, the roof of the Met was a popular place to hang out, soak in the skyline, and take a couple of selfies.


The Guggenheim museum was the next stop on our list. The architecture of the building is equally striking as the art inside it! Currently on display at the Guggenheim is the work of Alberto Giacometti. His work focuses on the human figure and how to represent it using various materials.


Our final stop was for some free time in Central Park! Between the castle, the lake, and the carousel, there is a little something for everyone! And the weather did its part to cooperate as well, making for an enjoyable evening in the park.


Next up: the FLAG Art Foundation and a gallery crawl through Chelsea!


Storm King Art Center

After having spent the week in New York City, and yesterday at the beach, it was time to see some art in nature! Storm King Art Center is an outdoor sculpture park spanning 500 acres in Mountainville, New York (about a one-hour drive north from Manhattan). As soon as we arrived, we realized that we’d have to walk a lot (and quickly) in order to see everything, so we rented bikes! Students spent the afternoon cruising from sculpture to sculpture throughout the park, all the while taking in the lush, green countryside. We would highly recommend Storm King Art Center to anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for some peaceful time with nature and art.



When we returned from Storm King we had a quick dinner, and then it was off to the movies. Ant-Man and the Wasp was the movie of choice and it was a big hit! There was lots of audible laughter throughout the movie. The students recommend this movie–just make sure you stay for all the credits!


Tomorrow it’s back to Christie’s Education and then a busy afternoon of multiple museum visits and Central Park!

Beach day!

After a busy and fun-filled week between Christie’s Education sessions, museums, scavenger hunts, tours, a Broadway show and other evening excursions, it was high time for a beach day! Students from both the Art Now and the Leadership and Innovation Summerfuel programs took a trip to the Jersey Shore. It was nice to spend time with our fellow Summerfuelers!  Pt. Pleasant was the beach of choice and it provided us with plenty of options–beach time, an arcade, shopping, and rides. There was a little something for everyone!

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow? A trip to Storm King Art Center and then movie time!

Livin’ the SoHo Dream!

Today students spent the day in SoHo, and this was one of the places they were most excited to visit! The morning began with a trip to the New Museum where students took a guided tour and then had some free time to further explore the museum and their favorite exhibits.        

Next, the students were on the hunt! (For art, that is.) Their final project consists of putting together a collection of 8-10 pieces centered around a certain theme. The staff at Christie’s Education came up with a list of galleries in SoHo for students to visit and find one piece from each. After lunch, they were off on their art hunt!

We ended the evening with a group dinner in SoHo at an Italian restaurant named Galli. Even our student from Italy, Martina, gave it two thumbs up!

Tomorrow, we’re off to the beach for some sweet R&R!

Christie’s Auction House, Elizabeth Foundation, Phantom!

Wow! What a busy but fantastic day today was! Students started off the day with a guest speaker sharing about the auction house world. Then, they got to visit both the galleries and the super exclusive underground level of the Christie’s Auction House! There were aisles upon aisles of art from the most famous of artists. Everyone was a little taken aback by the experience!


After Christie’s, students visited the Elizabeth Foundation. The Elizabeth Foundation is a public charity that provides artists with the space and tools they need to create art. It also gives artists the opportunity to interact and collaborate with others in the art field. Students were able to tour three very different studios during their visit. And what’s more, the artists themselves were present for a little Q&A with students!


Besides the artists’ studios, the Elizabeth Foundation is also home to the Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. This workshop provides high quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers at all levels. It is designed to be a community printshop. After a tour of the facilities, students had the opportunity to create a collective stone lithography print! It was a laborous process, but the result was well worth it.


Students finished the evening with something that should be on everyone’s NYC bucket list: seeing a show on Broadway! Phantom of the Opera was the show of choice and students were able to see first-hand that the Majestic Theatre truly lives up to its name.

Materials, Materials, Materials!

The focus of today was materials: what artists are using in contemporary art and how it’s preserved. After a couple of expert guest speakers on the subject, students traveled to Queens for a peek inside Materials for the Arts. Materials for the Arts is a reuse center that collects supplies from various companies, individuals, movie sets, etc. and works with nonprofit organizations and schools to get people to make art using these leftover goods. They also bring in artists to get creative with their extensive collection of supplies. Students took a tour of the building, including the gallery, artist’s studio, classrooms, and massive warehouse. Then, they had the opportunity to give new life to some of the materials themselves. Students created all different types of masterpieces–from a hat, to a sword, to a chandelier!

Whitney Museum, Meatpacking District, High Line

Today’s class focused on mapping the art world, from artists to auction houses. Students also learned about what their final project would be: to create a collection of pieces around a theme of of their choice! Now the question is: what to pick?!

After lunch, students traveled to the Whitney Museum for a guided tour of the permanent collection and then some free time to explore on their own. “An Incomplete History of Protest” was a particularly popular selection for the group. 

Students continued the day with a tour of the High Line and it was a huge hit! Although it was quite warm, they managed to find some shady spots to stay cool and snag some pics for Instagram. After the High Line, students had dinner in Chelsea Market or the greater Meatpacking District.


Up next: materials, materials, materials!