Exploring Cádiz and Vejer

Hi everyone! It is officially the last week of the program and while we were sad to say goodbye to our friends who participated in the 3-week program, 5 students from Summerfuel Barcelona have now joined us to experience all that Conil has to offer.

On Saturday afternoon, we took a trip to Cádiz which is the capital city of Conil’s province. Every year, the trip to Cádiz is an interesting experience for students since Cádiz is steeped in history! It is the oldest city in Europe and was also the place where Spain’s first Constitution (endearingly called “La Pepa”) was established in 1812.

Along our walking tour of Cádiz, we also stopped at the cathedral and climbed up the bell towers where the bells began to ring exactly at the moment we reached the top of the stairs. From the top of the cathedral, the group enjoyed beautiful views of the city.

On Sunday, we had the great pleasure of visiting the town of a Summerfuel staff member: Vejer de la Frontera. In fact, Cucu’s grandfather, who was the mayor of Vejer for 20 years, kindly gave us a tour and explained the history. Since Vejer is situated on top of a large hill, its location is strategic for protecting the coast line and this became one of the most important responsibilities of the townspeople who would send signals to watch towers in other towns to alert them of an approaching threat.

Vejer also has a very interesting tradition of raffling off plots of land every four years. While the land in most towns belonged to members of the upper class or royal family, the land in Vejer has almost always belonged to the people throughout history. The local government continues the tradition of raffling off plots of land to this day.

It is now Monday morning and the Conil students are showing the Barcelona students the ropes: where classes are, our favorite cafes and restaurants, the beach, and more! We are all looking forward to our last cooking class this afternoon and excursions to come later this week. ¡Hasta pronto!