Final Days!

¡Hola a todos! Its been a very busy week here in Conil and today marks the last full day with our homestay families. While many of the students are ready to get home to their families and friends this weekend, leaving their Spanish home is a difficult goodbye. Tonight we will celebrate all of the memories we’ve made in Conil by hosting a final dinner celebration with the people who have made this month so special: homestay families, friends, students, teachers, staff, cooking/surf instructors, and more!

During our last week in Conil, we enjoyed one final surf class and also one final cooking class where we made atún encebollado, a tuna dish with onions, and a type of salad that contains tuna, tomatoes, and onions. The two dishes complimented each other very well and the students enjoyed both preparing it and tasting it!

We also spent a morning at La Lonja, which is where the local fisherman bring what they’ve caught to be sorted, weighed, and sold to buyers from not only Spain but also Portugal, Italy, and other countries from around the world. There we saw a huge variety of fish, crabs, octopus and more and experienced the process from start to finish including a boat’s arrival to watching the buyers choose their product.

Yesterday, we spent the day in two places: Gibraltar and Punta Paloma, a beautiful beach located near Tarifa, Spain. Our first stop was Gibraltar where we took the cable car up the famous rock of Gibraltar to see the monkeys. On our way back to the bus we passed through some of the shops along Gibraltar’s Main Street.

At Punta Paloma, we had an amazing afternoon! The temperature was perfect and the students enjoyed laying on the beach playing Spanish music, swimming, and walking down the beach to a spot where people rub a kind of clay onto their bodies for its natural skin benefits. At the end of the afternoon, nobody wanted to leave!

As we mentioned earlier on, today is our last full day in Conil. For this reason, the group took their final exams this morning and are now enjoying time with their families and hopefully packing too! Tomorrow we will take the train to Madrid and spend the afternoon/night there before departing from Madrid-Barajas airport on Saturday morning! Stay tuned for one last blog post recapping tonight’s party and our time in Madrid.