Radio Program and Goodbyes


We hope everyone is well. We are doing great! Yesterday, our Advanced Level hosted their own radio program at Radio Conil. Everyone was a bit nervous at first but they did great. They talked about the differences between Spanish and American culture and played their favorite songs. It was a really good experience. The radio station will be posting shortly the link to the Summerfuel radio program on their facebook page

In the evening, we gathered at the beach with a guitar and Cajón flamenco to say goodbye to students who attended the program for 3 weeks. We ate, we sang, we danced and we had a good time. We also announced the winners of the “Points Competition”: The yeah yeah dance”

Tomorrow, we play basketball against a local team and Saturday 5 students arrive in Conil from Summerfuel’s Barcelona Program. They will be with us for the rest of the program and everyone is excited to meet them.

Here are some photos!