4 de Julio

Hola a todos,

Happy 4th of July! Our students organized a great party today. They made a grocery list, went shopping, prepped the food and took care of all of the preparations, including the cooking. We had burgers with onions, bacon and pickles, hot dogs, corn (without the cob), watermelon and oreos. The party ended with Emily beautifully singing the National Anthem. It was a lot of fun and the Spanish contingent was so happy to be part in it.

Hasta pronto,



¡Hola de nuevo!

We had a lot of fun in cooking class yesterday. We made a delicious paella and students demonstrated great skills. No one was squeamish about cutting squid, beheading shrimps or shelling mussels and the result was an excellent paella (even for Spanish standards!)

Language classes properly started today and everyone has been placed in their appropriate level. This afternoon we start with surfing and photography workshops. And students will also be doing community service at the Alzheimer’s center.

¡Hasta luego!

We have arrived in Conil!

¡Hola a todos!

We are here and what an amazing group of students we have this summer.

After a short stay in Madrid where we managed to fit amongst other things,  a visit to la Plaza Mayor, el Palacio Real and lunch at El Mercado San Miguel, we arrived in Conil. We travelled by train what gave students the opportunity to view some of the country’s landscape.

Students were a bit nervous to meet their Spanish families but they were all smiles when we met them again a few hours later for a tour of Conil. Today we all watched Spain play Russia in the World Cup – sadly we lost but it was great to see our students join the rest of the Spanish fans (in their suffering).

Spanish classes start tomorrow at 10 am. Students will take a written and oral placement test that will determine their language level; and also tomorrow, we will start our community service at the Alzheimer’s Center, and we will have our first cooking workshop. If you have to guess, yes, we are cooking paella.

Please see below some photos of our first days in Spain…



Cordoba and Sevilla

On Friday, we traveled to Cordoba. In Cordoba we visited el Puente Romano, La Mezquita, a Unesco World Heritage site whose construction started in 748 AD, the Jewish quarter, and we had dinner at El Mercado de la Victoria, a culinary market with more than 20 stands to chose from. Students loved it. On Saturday morning we left for Seville. Our first stop was La Plaza de España built for the Ibero American Exhibition of 1929 and where some of the scenes of Lawrence of Arabia and one of the star Star Wars  movies were filmed. From there we walked through El Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville’s Jewish Quarter, on our way to Los Reales Alcazares, a originally Moorish Palace. Sunday morning we kayaked on the river Guadalquivir and came back to Conil after lunch.

We are now on our last week…

We are getting on the Road!

Yesterday we visited Cádiz, the capital of the province where we live and the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in western Europe.

Students are getting better at surfing, cooking, painting and photography and the Alzheimer’s center is very happy with the volunteer work that the Summerfuel students are doing. In class, students are working on “Docu  Conil”, a video documentary of their experience in Conil. They work in groups of 2 or 3 people that chose a theme, and it requires to get out and about and interview different people from Conil. All documentaries are presented during last week of the program and the best one will receive a prize. On Friday we leave for Córdoba and Sevilla and will be back on Sunday. We have been asked for more photos so here they are!

PS- We lost to the Spaniards…

Week 1 in the Books!

We have been here for a week but who is counting! This past weekend we went to Los Caños beach which is 20 minutes driving distance from Conil. There we kayaked, got on long boards, played some American football and got to know each other a bit better. Sunday was a day to relax with the Spanish families and/or friends and we finished the weekend doing Yoga as the sun set.

Spanish classes are well under way and all extracurricular activities, cooking, painting, photography and surf have taken place at least once. Community service at the Alzheimer’s center also started today – we played bingo and Jack and Megan did a good job calling the numbers out.

Tonight we are playing soccer against the Spaniards… we’ll tell you about it in the next post. Happy 4th of July!

Conil – Day 2

We are on Day 2. Students took their placement test yesterday and they started the language classes this morning. We also gave everyone a local phone so it is easier to get in touch with us and their new Spanish friends. As for activities, students have already had their first try at cooking and photography and they will surf and paint today. More to come soon…

We have arrived in Conil

Dear Summerfuel in Conil Parents,

The group has arrived in Conil! Students were nervous to meet their Spanish families but there were a lot of smiles when they finally saw each other. Everyone went to their new homes to eat some lunch, unpack and rest for a bit, and we will meet them again in a couple of hours for a tour of Conil. We will also show them where everything is: school, Summerfuel office, ATMs, post office etc. Student will be with us for a couple of hours and will return to their homes for dinner and family time. Language classes and activities start tomorrow.


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