Day 18 – Summerfuel Georgetown!

Day 18 was an absolute success! We are so proud of our Summerfuel Georgetown students!! After 3 long rigorous weeks of dedicated study and concentration on project assignments, our students boldly stepped before four judges whom are pioneers, CEOs, and directors of organizations within the social entrepreneurship field. Our students presented fantastically, wowing the judges and impressing their fellow classmates with their unique innovations. We laud your efforts and applaud your commitment to achievement and success! You rock Summerfuel Georgetown students!! Afterward, we were able to unwind to some comedy and good times as we had an impromptu fashion show!! Each team of students had materials in order to make one student in the group their fashion model. We enjoyed seeing the students creativity shine and had a lot of fun watching them strut their stuff in toilet paper, plastic cups, and yarn! Here at Summerfuel Georgetown, we couldn’t appreciate all the hard work without a bit of play time! From all of us here, you’re welcomed to join us for our next and (sadly) final day of Summerfuel Georgetown 2016!!


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Day 17 – Summerfuel Georgetown!

Day 17 was a total success! Students needed a break from their big presentations and we decided to take them to the Historic Alexandria, VA! What a wonderful time we had! We walked around viewing the sites and spent dinner at a nice friendly restaurant. We were able to chat, relax and fill our stomachs! The students were elated to discover a new area and take a much needed hiatus from their hectic work schedules!! What’s in store next for our Summerfuel adventure?? Stay tuned!!

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Day 16 – Summefuel Georgetown!T

Here at Summerfuel we like to highlight the academic progress and achievements of our students of their social entrepreneurship program at Georgetown. Our students have been working diligently on projects within groups that promote the safety and well-being of American citizens, offering creative and ingenious ways to some of our many societal problems. For students such as Juan Lauria, Kristopher Smith-Reichartz, and Athena Myers, this ingenuity comes in providing a much needed service to lower income families and neighborhoods. They’ve combined their own individual experience and intellect to produce a service that could be a real game-changer to human protection. Tyler Walkowski, Qixian Wang, Avery Salsberg, and Alyssa Giles have a completely different idea that may revolutionize the medical market in giving access to medical treatment. Ivan Makarov, Chris Khairallah and Chu Tong Zhao…..are exercising their skills to try and prevent one of societies biggest environmental issues that contribute to the wasting away of Earth’s ozone layer, while Alisa SU, Olivia Varughese, and Rogelio Yao are tackling issues that reduce toxins in the American consumers’ food supply. These brilliant minds have come together to truly battle against some of the toughest issues we face today in America and with only one day left until they present before selected judges from top fields and companies, we are excited to see what amazing things they have yet to come. From all of us here at Summerfuel Georgetown, join us again as we begin to bring our adventure to a close here at Georgetown University!

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Day 15 – Summerfuel Georgetown!



Day 15 was a success! We started off with academia and cuisine per the norm, then off to activities with tie dye t-shirts!! The students really enjoyed flexing their creative muscles and allowing ingenuity to produce fashionable attire! After some study time and dinner, the students partook in a talent show hosted by Resident Advisor Morghan! Who knew we had so many talented persons among us? There were several singing acts including a “boy band”, magic tricks and a dance-off! We had such a wonderful time singing, dancing and laughing, continuing that growth and development that we’ve effortlessly cultivated here on the Georgetown University campus. From all of us here at Summerfuel Georgetown, we suggest, we recommend, we implore you to join us again for our next adventure!!


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Day 14 – Summerfuel Georgetown!

Wow! We’re already at Day 14 of Summerfuel and we haven’t stopped having fun yet. Today we were taken on an amazing trip to Mount Vernon to see the large estate of our first American President, George Washington. We were amazed at the large property and the antique feel of the 18th Century estate and it’s trimmings. We were able to visit the burial site of Washington and his immediate family members still lying to rest on the property. We enjoyed lunch at the local restaurants there on the tour and headed off to D.C. for more exploring. There we found ourselves at the nation’s most famous obelisk, the Washington Monument. We took flight up the elevators to pan the amazing view of the D.C. area from atop the obelisk, where we were able to capture some breathtaking photography. We had such an amazing day learning about Washington and taking in the sites. From all of us here at Summerfuel, we welcome you to join us again as we venture off into our next expedition.

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Day 13 – Summerfuel Georgetown

Day 13 of Summerfuel was fantastic. We started the day with a trip to Baltimore Harbor. The weather was nice and cool and the students were able to tour all the harbor had to offer, from the National Aquarium to the Top of Baltimore skyline view. Students felt compelled to visit the local eateries such as Starbucks for refreshment and conversation. After a satisfying walk through of the harbor, we headed back to campus for some relaxation before the evenings festivities. Jump starting the end to our night we joined in on Casino Night hosted by the Summerfuel Staff. The students had a blast competing and playing in the games while using Monopoly dollars. We had some really big winners last night and we’re all excited to see what they’ll do what their new fortunes. From all of us here at Summerfuel, we thank you for joining us on our journey and hope you’ll come back tomorrow for more adventure.


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Day 12 – Summerfuel Georgetown!

Day 12 we had a blast here at Summerfuel. We started our day with business as usual with classes and healthy eating at Leo’s in O’ Donovan Hall here at GU then it was off to adventure. Our students were given a Potomac River tour on one of the many fine river taxis on the river. As we dashed past the Washington Monument were given historical facts of the river and the landmarks we passed by. Thereafter, the students were able to peruse the area and then head back in for a rousing game of Capture The Flag. Our students competitive nature knows no bounds as they tried with all their might to be the victors. Here at Summerfuel all of our students are winners and we were eager to join in on the fun. From all of us here at Summerfuel we welcome you back to see where our adventure takes us next.

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Day 11 – Summerfuel Georgetown!

Day 11 brings excitement and opportunity. Our students have been working diligently for the last couple weeks and we’d like to share some insight on their progress thus far. Our students are engaged in a social entrepreneurship venture opportunity where they are allowed to create and strategize their own organizations, some through diminishing the wastes in America while others are solving societal issues in the United States. Our students are absolutely brilliant and some of the projects they’ve organized are truly outstanding. We have students whom devised organizations that provide private security using various nuanced mediums of transportation and others solving polity that involves making the environment cleaner with uses of renewable energy. As aforementioned, here at Summerfuel Georgetown we love to highlight the amazing experiences that we share amongst our students and staff but we would be remiss if we neglected to highlight the amazing academic achievements that have been wrought by our fantastic Summerfuel Georgetown 2016 students. Students, we here at Summerfuel share such veneration for your brilliance. We could not have asked for a better 2016 class. Thank you!


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