Day with Salvador Dalí

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today Summerfuel students visited two lovely towns north of Barcelona.

We made our first stop in Figueres where the Salvador Dalí Museum is located. Dalí was born in this town and spent much of his life on the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona. Dalí, unlike most artists, was alive and well when his museum was set up so the museum itself is a piece of art. The students especially enjoyed an optical illusion of Gala, Dalí’s wife, which turns into a portrait of Abe Lincoln if you back up and look at it from a distance (see first photo).

Following our visit to the museum, we stopped in L’Escala for some hours of beach time. In L’Escala we ate lunch, swam, and soaked up the sun!

We are now back in Barcelona getting ready for our dinner plans. Students can either eat at the residence, in our neighborhood, or go with staff members to visit Plaza España. During the summer, the fountains in front of the majestic-looking National Catalan Art Museum (MNAC) sway and light up to music at night. Beyond viewing the fountain show, students can also explore the former bullfighting arena which is now a shopping mall with an observation deck on top! We hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Sending our best from BCN!

Afternoon in Parc Güell

Fridays are one of our favorite days in Barcelona and today was no exception. Today we visited two different companies, a monastery, the neighborhood of Gracia, and the famous Parc Güell!

Did you know that every morning on our walk from the residence to ESADE’s campus we pass right by a beautiful, old monastery? Well today Spanish class students got the opportunity to enter the monastery with their teachers and learn about its history including who Reina Elisenda was (also the person our nearest metro stop is named after).

While Spanish students explored the monastery, the business classes visited two different companies: Hewlett Packard and Wallapop. At HP, students learned about innovation and experienced the 3D printing lab. Across town, the other group learned how Wallapop turned second-hand shopping into a successful online business.

All of the groups reunited in the neighborhood of Gracia to eat lunch before heading to Parc Güell. Highlights of our visit to Parc Güell included LOTS of “typical Barcelona” pictures, Gaudí mosaics, and stunning views of the city.

We are now back at the residence resting up for our trip to Figueres and L’Escala tomorrow! Check back later for more updates from Barcelona. Buenas noches. Bona nit.


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

As the saying goes, time really flies when you’re having fun! Today we are about halfway through the program and we can’t believe it.

Today at ESADE, most students attended their morning classes while a small group (Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship students) visited the Coca Cola bottling plant to learn about Coca Cola’s operations in Spain.

In the afternoon, we took the metro down to the beach (one of our favorite spots) and had lunch before breaking off into our activity groups. We sent a group to the Arc de Triomf/Parc Ciutadella area, Bogatell Beach (a beach popular with the city’s locals), and the second sailing workshop. Here are some pictures from our busy day!

¡Hasta mañana!

Tuesdays are for Picasso

Hello from Barcelona! Today the Summerfuel students had their morning and afternoon classes at ESADE. Students in the Photography, Art, and Architecture class enjoyed another afternoon session out and about in the city with their teacher who is a local, professional photographer!

After classes, everyone took the metro to the neighborhood called El Born. While some students enjoyed free time, others entered the Picasso Museum with an audioguide and learned about famous paintings like “Las Meninas” (featured in the first photo).

Tomorrow morning, Design and Entrepreneurship students will visit the same Coca Cola bottling plant that other classes toured last week. Since it will be an early morning for these students, we are simply relaxing in the residence tonight. ‘Til tomorrow!

Week 2


We had such a good time this past weekend in Conil!  On Saturday, students had free time to spend with their families and friends on the beach and we all met at 9 pm to do Pilates and watch the sunset. Maria, the instructor, was so good and it was harder than we thought! But we had a few laughs trying to keep some of the positions. On Sunday, we played soccer against the Spaniards – we lost 3-2 but everyone gave their best and it was a lot of fun.

We celebrated another birthday yesterday with cream and strawberries cake that we ate after cooking classes. At cooking class, we made “Carne al Toro” and “Patatas a lo pobre”.

Today, we continue with community service and surf. Friday we leave for Córdoba and Sevilla! We will keep you posted.


Rainy Monday

Rain, rain go away! Today in Barcelona we experienced some summer showers. Luckily, they did not deter us from having a fun time.

After morning classes at ESADE, we broke off into two groups. One group returned to the residence to do laundry, play ping pong and pool, and just hang out! As you can see from the pictures, the students got quite into their games. Meanwhile, the other group headed down to Plaza Cataluña where there are shops, cafes, and interesting sights to visit.

After a low-key day (for most), we are ready to get back to our regularly scheduled activities. Tomorrow some students will check out the Picasso Museum while others explore the neighborhood of El Born. Goodnight!

Trip to Tossa de Mar

Today we escaped the city to enjoy a day of R&R in Tossa de Mar. As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, Tossa is a popular destination during the summer because of its beautiful beaches, castle, and more.

Upon arrival, RA Matt took a group of students to the castle, which is situated on top of a hill overlooking the beach and town. While exploring inside the castle walls, some students spotted a hidden beach on the other side of the hill. It’s safe to say that finding their way to this hidden beach and taking a swim was one of the highlights of their day.

Meanwhile, in the center of town, other students were shopping, having lunch, and playing soccer in one of the plazas. We also had a few students try out fish pedicures. Towards the end of the day, RA Pedro encouraged students to get ice cream with him. They used this time to practice their Spanish!

We are now back at the residence resting up for another week of classes at ESADE. Anyone else tuning into the Brazil soccer game tonight? We’ll be topping off our fun-filled day by watching the game in the movie theater here at the residence. Goodnight to all.

Saturday at La Sagrada Familia

Today the students got their first opportunity to sleep in after a busy first week in Barcelona! After getting a late start, we visited Palo Alto Market, a market that only takes place once a month in Barcelona. There the students enjoyed food, shopping, and music.

We later spent the afternoon relaxing on Barcelona’s beaches. It was a nice opportunity to rest and soak up the sun!

Finally, we took the group to see La Sagrada Familia, the world renowned basílica designed by Antoní Gaudí. Did you know that the church has been under construction for more than 130 years? It is not expected to be finished until 2026 and it is already quite the masterpiece!

We are looking forward to a special trip to Tossa de Mar tomorrow. Tossa de Mar is part of Spain’s Costa Brava, which stretches between Barcelona and the French border. We can’t wait to share this beautiful town with the students. Check back tomorrow for pictures and stories of our day trip.