First Day of Class!

Today we began classes at MIT! We had an early start but that didn’t stop our students!

We chatted with a student from each group at NuVu to get an idea of the exciting projects they’ll be working on for the next two weeks.

Food Fabrication

Vic told us that the Food Fabrication group made prototypes of their ideal and worst meals using cardboard and presented them to the class. She enjoyed the hands-on activity because they could make a physical representation of whatever was in their minds. The class discussed the future of food and are looking forward to a mystery taste-testing activity tomorrow.

Cyborg Enhancements

Mann explained that the Cyborg Enhancement class went out on the MIT campus looking for possible “danger spots” and created a 3D map of things that might go unnoticed such as uneven steps, potholes, and easily ignored signs. He’s looking forward to brainstorming more ideas for the wearable tech that could help solve these problems – they’ve already discussed possibilities like glasses that can detect signs and vibrate to alert people distracted by their phones or music.

Underwater Soft Robotics

Teddy heard about the NuVu program from a neighbor who recommended it highly and he chose the Underwater Robotics class. Their exercise today involved engineering a device to pick up and move a donut through various obstacles using pneumatics. Although not everyone’s project was successful – and the donuts definitely weren’t safe for
consumption afterwards! – they enjoyed testing and reworking their initial ideas.

Augmented Reality

Reuben thought his Augmented Reality class was really cool because it showed him how to bring reality and technology together. Today the class worked on making a wearable version of traditional board games – he and his partner Anton used colored bandanas to make people in “Clue” characters in an interactive version of the game. They’re looking forward to translating real-world objects into digital forms.

After a dynamic day in the studios, we all came back to the residence for a little R&R and some gym time before dinner. Some students headed out in groups to try out local restaurants before everyone met up for an ice cream excursion with Lisa. We loved the variety of homemade flavors and vegan options on offer at Lizzy’s near Harvard Square. On the way back to the residence we all stopped in Harvard lawn for an impromptu game of musical chairs – Abigail won! – and some football, music, and chilling in the chairs. The group has bonded quickly and are putting the sports equipment and games to good use!