Arrival Day

Yesterday, our students arrived in Nice. It was a hot one! The families that dropped off their kids were lovely (I wish I’d had the chance to get pictures to show you, sorry!)

Here is a picture of the group flight kiddos right after they got off the plane; what good sports!


After getting settled in, some group members decided to chill out in front of their fans, while others were ready to explore the town. On our way to Monoprix, a French shop that sells a little bit of everything, we stopped at the “puppy/kitty store” for some cuteness. We may or may not have a plan to adopt some French puppies together…we will keep you posted 😉

After a fabulous group dinner at a nearby restaurant, the group stopped, for the first of MANY times, at Fennochio’s for some ice cream and then took their first dip in the Mediterranean.

It was obvious from day 1 that this is going to be a group for the books; so excited to get to know and work with such great kids!