Medieval Towns and Modern Day Music: First Weekend for the Nice Program

The first weekend for Nice program participants melded modern and medieval culture, as well as left time to hit a local beach!

On Saturday, Summerfuelers followed the Nice Academic Director, Michel Remy, on a tour of the modern Chappelle Matisse (Matisse Chapel) in the neighboring town of Vence.

Academic Director, Michel Remy, directs students’ tour to the Chapelle Matisse, constructed and designed by the late French artist Henri Matisse over the late 1940s and early 1950s, in the nearby town of Vence.


Students tour the Chapelle Matisse, considering the artist’s sketches of the current space.


Summerfuelers pose in the patio of the Chapelle Matisse.


They then visited a medieval town turned cultural space, Saint Paul de Vence, for a sense of the Côte d’Azur’s current and past histories.


Bell tower in the medieval town, Saint Paul de Vence, which students visited over the weekend.


A student poses in front of a medieval space-turned-archeological center within the town of Saint Paul de Vence.


Students cool off and consider whether the so-called “Love Fountain” in Saint Paul de Vence would actually bring true love to those who drink from it.


Students explored the medieval and modern charms of Saint Paul de Vence.


Fresh produce at a market in Saint Paul de Vence.


Students ended the first weekend night with a French-subtitled viewing of the recently released film, Yesterday, at a local movie theater, remembering their love of modern music written by the Beatles.

The weekend came to end with a visit to and swim within Ville Franche, another nearby town. Students experienced the local cafe culture before walking alongside the beach and swimming in the water.

Students dine at a cafe in Ville Franche.


Students discuss their plans whilst in Ville Franche.


Another week of French class awaits students, in addition to coursework, such as International Relations. Summerfuel staff has more in store for Summerfuelers and looks forward to facilitating further cultural exploration in and outside of Nice.