Students Continue to Try New Things: Week 1 of Classes

Nice Summerfuelers finish up Week 1 of classes with a splash!

4thof July found Summerfuelers by the waterside, donning sparklers and dipping into the cool Mediterranean waters. Even our non-American student participated in the American Independence Day fun (French-style and seaside, of course).

Studio Art and French class both brought students to examine French culture. In Studio Art, students drew sections of the Old Town (Vieille Ville) neighborhood with art teacher, Cyril. In French class, Summerfuelers discussed French film and tried a local dessert, Tourte de blettes (Swiss Chard Tart) with language teacher, René. Students in Nya’s French course also continued to polish their language skills by speaking to a local their age in the classroom setting.

Studio art students examining the yellow house (right) that they would sketch out, following teacher, Cyril’s (left), guidance.

Studio Art students begin to sketch the Old Town (Vieille Ville) neighborhood section, alongside their teacher.

Nice Summerfueler with French teacher, René, as he tries Tourte de blettes (Swiss Chard Tart).

Advanced French Summerfuelers pose with their teacher.

Summerfuelers in Nice ended their work week with team-building activities: tubing (chosen by these daring and fun-loving students!) and laser tag (as a member of the yellow team, I, your author, believe this team won for having most heart!).

Students brave the waters as they prep for tubing.

Brave students mount their tube and take off!

Students finish off the week with laser tag at Laser Game Evolution Nice. They listen attentively to instructions and await their team assignments.

Nice staff and students prepare to battle in the team-building laser tag activity to finish out the first week of classes. (Not pictured – yellow team and red team #2).

This first week still has more in store for Summerfuelers and staff alike, including weekend excursions! Summerfuelers will dive deeper into the region’s cultural history with tours of a nearby chapel and Medieval town. It’s been more than nice to be in Nice!