Summerfuel Nice Says Goodbye for 2019

Today, students in Nice gave their goodbyes to staff and one another, finishing out the 2019 Summerfuel program. These full final days offered yet further memorable opportunities for students to experience their adopted city before continuing safely on to their next summer destinations.

Summerfuel Nice students share one final group dinner at the restaurant, Le Comptoir du Marché, in Nice’s Old Town.


Students share a pizza party on the second-to-last night of the Nice Summerfuel program.


Goodbyes prepare an individual to depart a space while they are still in it. Over the past 3 days, this special group of students thoroughly engaged in the “goodbye” process. They had farewell dinners (see photos above). Nice Summerfuelers also gave thoughtful and personally-tailored parting gifts as a class to their beloved language teachers, René and Nya.

“Do you see what I have to deal with?,” jokingly asks French teacher, René, as students prepare to pose for a group photo. Summerfuelers say they will deeply miss having him as an instructor.


Students can’t help but smile as their light-hearted instructor makes a joke mid-photo.


Students pose with dedicated and energetic French teacher, Nya, before giving her a final goodbye for the summer.


In addition to saying goodbye to staff and sharing final parting meals with one another, Summerfuelers had a wonderful time enjoying the family-friendly Nice Jazz Festival before leaving. The headlining artists that night? The BLACK EYED PEAS!


The high-energy performance from this American pop group included funny and relatable live moments. A student with family origins in the Philippines felt honored that one Black Eyed Peas member, Apl.De.Ap, spoke a few words in Tagalog. Further, the band’s limited and intentionally comedic attempts to speak French reminded students of how far they have progressed in their language skills. Before the night ended, Summerfuelers had fully participated in the dynamic fist-pumping and dancing that the band members encouraged. As one student punnily, but truthfully, summarized, “I had the time of my life!”


As of the writing of this final post, students from the Summerfuel Nice program have officially departed our shared residence and are now living out the finality implied in the word “goodbye.” This staff member hears the sound of their absence in the hallways. As she thinks of them, she wishes each one the very best that life has to offer.


From all of the staff and instructors at Summerfuel Nice, we send our kind thanks (see photo below). Thank you students, parents, caretakers, teachers, and agents for entrusting us with your time and confidence. It has been our pleasure to welcome and get to know each Summerfueler. Students, we sincerely hope that you continue your French studies, as well as further develop the openness to others and new experiences that you have worked on throughout your time with us in Nice. We look forward to hearing of your wonderful successes!

Summerfuel Nice 2019 staff. From left to right: Nya, Michel, Ashley, Sabrina, Ashleigh, and René.


In words inspired by our lovely Resident Advisor, Sabrina, “Go on and be free, butterflies!” Go on and do wonderful things with the opportunities that life post-Summerfuel offers each of you. We trust you will make greatness happen.