Arrival Day

Yesterday, our students arrived in Nice. It was a hot one! The families that dropped off their kids were lovely (I wish I’d had the chance to get pictures to show you, sorry!)

Here is a picture of the group flight kiddos right after they got off the plane; what good sports!


After getting settled in, some group members decided to chill out in front of their fans, while others were ready to explore the town. On our way to Monoprix, a French shop that sells a little bit of everything, we stopped at the “puppy/kitty store” for some cuteness. We may or may not have a plan to adopt some French puppies together…we will keep you posted 😉

After a fabulous group dinner at a nearby restaurant, the group stopped, for the first of MANY times, at Fennochio’s for some ice cream and then took their first dip in the Mediterranean.

It was obvious from day 1 that this is going to be a group for the books; so excited to get to know and work with such great kids!

Know Before You Go!

Summerfuel in Nice: Travel Information

Check-In Information

Meeting Place: The check-in area of your terminal (please see below). Summerfuel staff will be wearing NAVY BLUE Summerfuel t-shirts.  

Time:  3 hours prior to departure (i.e. 5:11 pm)

Airport Terminal: Terminal 4 at JFK Airport in New York

Flight: Delta # 412 – Departs at 8:11 pm on June 30

* Please note terminals, flight numbers and departure times are subject to change, so you should verify this information 24 hours prior to departure. 


If you are on the above flight, a Summerfuel staff member will travel with you from New York to Nice. Please check in on arrival then head to the meeting point. Once you arrive in Nice, the Summerfuel representative will assist you as you collect your luggage and pass through customs. Additional Summerfuel staff will await your arrival as you exit immigration & customs.  Staff will be easy to identify, holding Summerfuel signs and wearing NAVY BLUE Summerfuel staff shirts.

***If you get separated from the group, simply ask an airport staff member to point you in the direction of the nearest information desk and have a member of the Summerfuel Staff paged. In the event that a page is not responded to, call your Summerfuel emergency number: 929-502-7804. If you are separated from the group in Nice, please call the Summerfuel Nice office at +33 7 79 14 76 80


Making Connections

If you are not from the tri-state area, we need to know how you’re planning on getting to JFK – connecting flight details, driving in with family, etc.  If you have not submitted this information, please do so immediately so we can accurately monitor arrivals/departures to/from JFK.  You can add this information in your my.summerfuel account, email it to or fax it to 212 796 8359.


Obtaining boarding passes

    • Obtain a boarding pass all the way through to your program destination where possible.


  • If you are unable to obtain a boarding pass all the way through to your program destination, you will need to go to the check-in counter at JFK and obtain another boarding pass. 



Checking your luggage 

  • Check your luggage all the way through to your program destination where possible.  Even if your connecting flight is on a different airline than the chaperoned flight, SOME airlines will allow you to check your baggage to your final destination.
  • If you are unable to check your baggage all the way through to your program destination, collect your baggage once you arrive at JFK, then continue to your Summerfuel flight’s terminal and re-check-in.  

Once you arrive at JFK

  • If you arrive into the same terminal as the escorted flight, proceed to the gate for the escorted flight. You will meet the Summerfuel escort and the rest of the student group at the gate.   
  • If you arrive in a different terminal from the escorted flight, you will have to use the inter-terminal AirTrain to get to your proper terminal.  Follow the clearly marked signs or ask any airline representative/airport employee for directions.
  • If you were unable to check your baggage all the way through to your program destination, collect your baggage, continue to your escorted flight’s terminal, re-check-in and head to the meeting point.  
  • If you were unable to obtain a boarding pass for the trans-Atlantic portion of your flight, head straight to the check-in counter to get your boarding pass before joining Summerfuel staff.  


If you miss the Summerfuel flight…

  • Summerfuel staff is constantly monitoring connecting flights, so don’t panic.  We will most likely know of your situation before you land.
  • Contact your parents and the Summerfuel emergency number immediately at 929-502-7804to let us know your current situation.
  • Head to the check-in counter of your flight, as Summerfuel staff will remain at the check-in counters until all students are accounted for.


Important Note to Parents: If your child’s connecting flight is delayed and there is a chance that he/she might miss the group flight, it is your responsibility to find alternate travel arrangements. If you booked on the group flight, Summerfuel will be happy to assist you in finding a new flight but you will be responsible for any additional costs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Summerfuel office: 1.212.796.8340.


Independent Travelers

If you are arriving in Nice independently and are not traveling on the chaperoned flight, collect your baggage and pass through Customs/Immigration independently. A Summerfuel staff member or a car service partner will be waiting for you outside the customs area. 

If you have trouble finding us, go to the nearest public telephone and call the program’s office in Nice (.+33 7 79 14 76 80).


Carry with You

Please make sure you have the following when you travel:

  • Passport
  • Flight itinerary 
  • Approximately 100 Euros and US$100
  • A change of clothes
  • A calling card (with the international access # for France) or cell phone with international service 
  • All Summerfuel numbers provided herein


Summerfuel Office in Nice: + 33 7 79 14 76 80 |

Summerfuel Main Office in NYC: 212 796 8340 | 800 752 2250 

Emergency Number: 929-502-7804

Bonjour Summerfuel Nice!!

Bonjour Summerfuel 2019!

We hope that you are getting excited for your summer in Nice! Ashley, the Assistant Director, and I are getting ready  for your arrival; We cannot wait to show you all that the French Riviera has to offer! For more information about preparing for travel, please refer to the “Know Before You Go” will be posted along with this message!

Here are some pictures of the school you will be attending as well as some information about the staff!

 Lycée Masséna

 Nice and Villefranche-sur-mer

(Villefranche is a city near Nice that we will visit!)

 Meet the Staff

Ashleigh (Director): Bonjour tout le monde! This is my 10th summer with Summerfuel! During the academic year, I teach high school French. I love to travel, read, hike, and paddle board.  I am really looking forward to showing you all why Nice is one of my favorite places on the planet!! See you soon!!

Ashley (Assistant Director): Hello! My name is Ashley Ferreira and I’m your Assistant Director for Summerfuel’s Nice Program. I’m a forever student of French and media studies; I got my Master’s in French Literature this year and will definitely want to know what media (shows, books, bands, films) you like, no matter the language it’s in. I need new artists to follow! You will learn how much of a fan I am of France, good food (thank you, France!), music, and Ed Sheeran, in that order. Outside of Summerfuel, I teach high school French in one of my 3 hometowns – Atlanta, Georgia. You have a great summer ahead of you and we are excited to lead you on this journey. Safe travels and see you soon!

Sabrina(Resident Adviser): My name is Sabrina Howard. I am currently completing my PhD in American and Ethnic Studies at the University of Southern California. As an undergraduate student, I minored in French and studied abroad in Paris. Outside of writing my dissertation, I enjoy teaching and taking yoga classes, cooking delicious healthy food, and going to matinée movies. 

Summer 2019 in the French Riviera

What better way to dive into French culture and language than by spending a summer in the heart of the Cote d’Azur?

In addition to French language study for all levels, students get the chance to explore another topic of their choice taught in English.

Take a look at the exciting seminars offered in Nice:

Art History

In this largely field-based course, Professor Michel Remy offers guided visits to local art institutions, including the Chagall Museum, the Matisse Museum, and the MAMAC, to illustrate the history of art from Impressionism through Surrealism. 

International Relations

In this course, students study current events relating to war and terrorism, diplomacy, refugee status, human rights, and aid for the developing world in order to think critically about the arguments made in international politics. 

Studio Art

Designed for students of every level, this course focuses on the essential techniques of sketching and painting, and takes advantage of the many picturesque neighborhoods in Nice and the natural beauty of the French Riviera. 

In addition to choosing a seminar, students also have the chance to participate in the following optional workshops.

French Cooking

In this workshop, students gain hands-on experience in a professional kitchen under the guidance of internationally recognized chef Jean Montagard. From croissants to créme brulee, this course will introduce students to the delicious and daring world of French cooking.


Nice provides an ideal setting for students to pursue their passion for photography and apply their own artistic touch in the digital darkroom. This course covers the fundamentals of compositions, use of manual features on a DLSR camera, and use of photo editing software to conceive and create images with beauty, purpose, intent and meaning.

Summerfuel Nice students are on their way home!

Hello everyone,

All students have arrived at the airport, gone through security, and will soon be on their way to you!

It has been a genuine pleasure working with your sons and daughters over the course of the past three weeks and I cannot believe that our time together has come to an end so quickly! Thank you all so much for your support, patience, and understanding!

Hoping that every student enjoyed their time in Nice with Summerfuel and wishing you all the very best!



Tennis at Beaulieu-sur-mer

Yesterday, students went back to Nice Fit (for the third time) for a boxing class. Sebastian, the instructor and the rest of the team really appreciated the time spent with the students! In the afternoon, some students went to Beaulieu-sur-mer to play tennis. Finally, the day ended with a beautiful dinner out in town.

IMG_2675[1] IMG_2677[1] IMG_2682[1] IMG_2678[1] IMG_2676[1] IMG_2686[1] IMG_2690[1] IMG_2693[1] IMG_1744[1] IMG_1747[1] IMG_1755[1] IMG_2696[1]



Nice Jazz Festival

The highlight of Wednesday was the Mary J. Blige concert at the Nice Jazz Festival! Some students were also able to visit a crypt in the center of Nice!


IMG_2651[1] IMG_2652[1] IMG_2657[1] IMG_2665[1]

More Boxing!

Yesterday, another round of students went to the Nice Fit studio for another day of boxing. The coach, Sebastian was very helpful and really made the class enjoyable! After a delicious Italian dinner, the students listened to Michel, the Art History teacher give a talk about the French educational system.


IMG_2623[1] IMG_2624[1] IMG_2635[1] IMG_2640[1] IMG_2643[1] IMG_2626[1]