Reminders and Meet the Staff!


Hello everyone!

We are so excited to meet all of the students tomorrow! Just a few things to remember regarding arrivals:

  • Students will be checked in at Broadway and 115th Street at Schapiro Hall. If you are dropping off your student, please use this address!
  • If your student is arriving at the airport, a staff member will bring them back to campus.
  • Please call our program number if you have any difficulty: 929-437-9217

Now, meet our wonderful RA staff!

Meet the Staff

Ashley Cuevas

Hey everyone, my name is Ashley Cuevas and I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican but grew up in The Bronx, NY. My favorite breakfast food is French toast – it’s so yummy! I can binge watch Grey’s Anatomy at any time, I love it. I just graduated this past May from Buffalo State College. A fun fact about me is that I was born on the fourth of July!

Ellen Hietsch

  1. Hometown: Well…..I spent my whole life in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but my family is currently living in the Fake Canada part of Upstate New York. I, however, have lived in Madrid, Spain for two years going on three.
  2. Favorite Breakfast Food: I can make a wicked porridge. It’s best with bananas and blueberries but anything sweet is yummy in it.
  3. Netflix Binge: Parks and Recreation
  4. Alma Mater: I graduated from Dickinson College
  5. Fun Fact: I play ukulele, write funny short stories, and draw brutally honest greeting cards.

Anastasia Anastasopoulos 

  1. Hometown: Allentown, PA / USA
  2. Favorite Breakfast Food: Chocolate Chip Pancakes 
  3. Favorite show: Jane the Virgin 
  4. Graduate of Moravian College, Class of 2017 
  5. Fun fact: I speak 3 languages fluently: English, Spanish and Greek

Kordell KeyAndre

  1. Hometown/Country of Origin: Bay Shore of Long Island, NY 
  2. Favorite breakfast food: In the morning he enjoys fruits, particularly red grapes or cherries.
  3. Favorite show to binge watch: Designated Survivor on Netflix
  4. Current university or alma mater(if graduated): The State University of New York at Fredonia, English B.A. class of 2019 
  5. Fun Fact! Kordell is happy when landscaping or planting in his garden.

Isaiah E. Hayes

Hi everyone, my name is Isaiah E. Hayes and I am from Long Island, NY. Last month, I graduated from Eastern University in Saint David’s, PA with a bachelor’s degree in Theology and minor in Pre-Law. My favorite breakfast food is leftover Domino’s pizza and I love binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t wait to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with you all. Fun fact; I love roller coasters and I think I set the record for the most time riding EL Toro (Six Flags) in a single day (about 15x’s, someone fact check that for me).