A Delightful Dinner

Greetings, Summerfuel family and friends!

We are speeding ahead into our last few days on campus! Although students are hard at work perfecting their final presentations that will be given over the final few days, there is always time to pause for a fun evening spent with friends.

Last Wednesday, each floor group teamed up to create a dish for a collaborative dinner, facilitated by our lovely staff. With ingredients from the wonderful Westside Market down the road, the two mens’ floors wowed with a steak and chicken main course, and desserts. Meanwhile, the girls provided their take on appealing appetizers such as guacamole and bruschetta. Even CAP was able to pause from their schedule stuffed with SAT prep and college tours to provide the drinks!

After finishing their parts of the meal, the students enjoyed eating it together in one of Schapiro Hall’s lounges. It was a delicious pause in a busy day.