Week one… DONE!

Hello SummerFuel at Columbia Friends and Family!

Our first week is officially over and it has been an adventure. From Columbia University’s campus… to Times Square… to class… to Independence Day in SoHo… to Columbus Circle and Central Park… to class again! We’ve learned, we’ve explored, we’ve shopped… and there is still more to come.

Leadership and Innovation is fully in gear with debates, self-reflection assignments, and exciting projects to develop skills in entrepreneurship. Students are also adjusting to their home for the remaining two weeks while getting to know one another. When we weren’t in class, we embraced the hot, humid New York City summer by traveling to fun destinations and practicing communication skills with one another. During our breaks, we had study hours and relaxed in the lounge. What a week.

We can’t wait to show you what we do next!

Stay tuned to hear about the fun we have this coming week. Enjoy some pictures we took this week in the meantime!