Bicycles in London

Walking around a big city is one experience, but a pair of wheels makes things even better! That’s why we took a trip to Hyde Park and picked up some bikes to ride around London in style.

We were a pretty big group, but nothing that the guides at Fat Tire Bike Tours couldn’t handle. We followed them through the park and around the streets with ease while they told crazy stories about London’s past and present.

Not to be left behind, students back at campus visited Oxford’s beautiful Botanic Garden, the oldest of its kind in the UK. It was established for scientific purposes, but since then it has grown into a great place to wander and take in the diversity of the plant world.

With the evening came Spa Night, where we gathered together with a movie in the background while nails got painted and face masks got applied. The guys couldn’t get away from spa night, and I think they enjoyed their face products more than the girls!