RA Olympic Teams

It was an academically-focused day here, starting out with a presentation from Paul Kelly from JCP Advisory, an educational consultant. Students who are interested in becoming distinguished alumni of a British university benefited from his explanations and advice.

Then it was time to close out our academic seminar series with resident teacher John Rolfe, who helped us reflect on the English language. His talk centred around 12 objects here in Oxford that show the history of English, especially the difference between British and American English. It also included a student reading of Shakespeare and a memorised recitation of the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. We hope students will be prompted by this discussion to seek out some of these artifacts and landmarks themselves!


Finally, we closed out the day with an Olympic tournament of minigames. Not traditional sports by any means, these games gave students the chance to bond with their leaders and fellow students. Everyone got into the spirit of competition and hopefully exhibited some teamwork in the competition!