San Francisco

Talent Show!

Today was an exciting day! A group of students were able to attend a Social Enterprise event with speakers who are experts at creating sustainable enterprise ventures. One of our teachers, Neetal, presented a workshop at the event!

There was also a talent show here at the home headquarters. The students (and some staff) enjoyed showing off their mad skills in singing, dancing, magic and guitar playing to their fellow Summerfuelers! Our Director, Chad, showed off his best talent as well, delivering pizza, to the well-deserving winner! It was a great Thursday here at Stanford.

Students at the event talking about social enterprise.

Neetal, one of our Faculty, presenting at the event.

Checking out the booths at the event.

Thinking about how much we have learned about social enterprise.

A Magic trick is happening.

AMAZED by the magic!

More Magic!

We do not let skinned knees keep us from a great show!

A true talent – Napping!

Director by day, Pizza delivery guy after events!

Great performers!