A Time of Thanks

Summer 2017 will be our 34th summer. Now more than ever the world feels far smaller than it used to, but at the same time we often feel more detached.

At times like these, when it appears that divisions may be growing deeper as a reaction to increased globalization, we at Summerfuel are reminded of why it is we do what we do and why our summer programs are more relevant than ever.

We bring students, teachers and staff together each summer to form diverse communities so that students can grow both in and outside of the classroom. By bringing people together to create shared experiences our students feel inspired to grow intellectually and socially. We are proud that our summer communities are truly global in both make-up and outlook and our programs are places where every individual is valued. Summer programs can be a powerful pathway for students to get outside of their comfort zone, learn more about the world around them and discover what is most important to them.

Our programs don’t happen by accident. We choose our program design and locations carefully and our summer communities both here and overseas help contribute to mutual understanding and self-awareness. On program, students often discover that regardless of where they come from, we all have a great deal in common. The exchange of ideas and rigorous debate helps our students to challenge prejudices and realize that there are often different solutions for the same problems and no one person’s opinion is more important than the next.

So at this time of year, during the Thanksgiving holiday, let us be thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead. We’re not going to change the world in a single summer, but hopefully each experience we have can lay the foundation to inspire our futures.

Hope to see you this summer.

David Evans, President